Thursday, June 19, 2014

More Sexy Secretary talk.

So Co-Worker at work the other day mentioned me looking like a secretary again, asking where my glasses and red lipstick were. He left and came back and said "you know that movie?" I was obviously right on top of that one. We talked about the movie a bit, how it was such a great film and how Meg Gyllenhaal was incredible in that. I talked about how I'd bought the film on DVD in India thinking that I could watch it at home... but when I got it home it was censored and all chopped up and how disappointed I was about it.

Last night, I was having difficulty falling asleep so I started thinking about him and I in the store room. It started with passionate kissing, neck biting and him pulling me into his body to feel his hard cock beneath his khakis. Grinding into me, pressing, and then his hands move to my shoulders and push me down to my knees as he undoes his button and I help with his zipper. He grabs my head and just plunges his cock deep into my throat without hesitating. Thrusting letting me up for air and then back down again until he comes shortly after, warm and salty down my throat. I cough a little not expecting it, and come back up. We right ourselves and I walk out of the store room talking to him about work, about colours and asking his opinion about something, smiling slightly, knowing what just happened.

Needless to say I came to that 'daydream', it was night but I wasn't sleeping. I let myself drift hoping I'd fall asleep, but when, after 15 minutes I was still wide awake I picked up my phone to check whatsapp and found that he was active only 2 minues before. I texted him "The Secretary" he replies "U are!" and my response was "I wish". He just sent me a wide eyed emoticon. He got the picture. that's all I wanted. We talked randomly about various topics including a mosquito in his room and how to kill it. Half an hour later we're back on the topic. He asks me when I'll wear my glasses, I continue by naming the red lipstick and he sends me an emoticon with Xs for eyes.

I kinda got the impression during our business trip together that he was the dominant type. This whole things is starting to pull together. It's hot. Too bad I don't wear lipstick in public. I've been contemplating doing the whole getup for work one day. Going in with glasses and red lipstick. Or maybe I should just do the getup at home and take a selfie for him. I have to wait though, my glasses are at the shop getting fixed....


Advizor54 said...

I think you need to find an excuse to go into the office looking like that. My might need to change his khakies afterwards.

The "secretary" look would fit you well and I'm sure he'd enjoy it. If you don't do it in the office I think you should dress up and then go to a local pub and have someone take your picture casually leaning against the bar. that would be worth sending. :-)

Osbasso said...

You should definitely take the picture. Send it to me first, though, so I can confirm that it'll do the trick for him. It's the least I could do... :-)