Sunday, June 22, 2014

musical stalking.

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about a stalker I had as a pre-teen. He was this guy who was a bit older than me who would sit across the street from my place and just watch my window. To be honest I was flattered and liked the attention. I knew he wasn't dangerous or I'd have been more careful. He would whistle when he was around and I'd come to the window.

In my new place I have a concert violinist that lives across the street from me. There's a big building directly across from me and it's hard to tell which floor this violinist is on. I have always been around musicians and I don't know how, but I could tell this one was a guy, a younger guy. But I really couldn't figure out what floor he was on. I wanted to see him.

So the other day, I could hear him playing, I was waiting for the bf who had gone to grab something from the car, I was standing outside my apartment building, and I was staring up at the floors trying to understand where the gorgeous music was coming from. The music stops, as it often does, temporarily, and I hear a whistle. I look off down the street and the bf is coming. Bf often whistles to me, but this... wasn't his whistle. It was the violinist. I look up, shield my eyes from the glaring sun and see the torso and shoulders of a young man in a white t-shirt in a window on the 4th floor and then he moves away from the window.

It reminded me of my stalker, the whistle, the windows... the spying.... now I keep an eye on his window, but haven't caught him again yet.


JFBreak said...

This could get interesting!

Advizor54 said...

he plays, you sing, it could get very interesting. Let us know when you cut your first duet. ;-)