Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to Work

First Monday back at work after summer holidays. I saw Co-Worker on Friday but we weren't working, at least I wasn't. I'm working on a project at work but not for work.

Today though was work, real work. And I really enjoy my job, a lot. I enjoy working with the clients, I enjoy working with my co-workers and it feels especially good after a three week break when everyone is relaxed and happy.

Today Co-Worker came up to me while I was talking to one of the clients and obviously wanted to tell me something, interrupt me. He put his arm around my waist, pulled me in to his side just a little and just stayed there. He was waiting for the client to stop talking, he didn't want to interrupt her, but she wouldn't stop talking, so he just stayed, arm wrapped around my waist. I'm small, his arm went round my back and his hand laid above my hip to my tummy, next to my belly button. My inner elbow just above his hand, brushing it lightly.

He wanted to say something, he leaned in over my shoulder and I turned to look at him from the corner of my eye more than once, but the woman wouldn't stop talking. Finally she turned her attention to talk to someone else and I turned back to him and he told me what he wanted, close range, whispered. Just something about coffee.

I had a bottle of water in my hand, I always have a bottle of water, and my hands couldn't keep still. I kept turning the cap, off and on, off and on, the whole time. It felt like 5 minutes that we stood there. It was probably somewhere closer to 2 or 3 minutes.

There was this almost imperceivable movement of his hand, a stroke of the thumb up a half inch and it stopped there. I was all too aware of every cell of his in contact with mine. Every movement became like a little electrical storm. It's like he wanted to hint at something and then stopped himself. And I don't mean anything sexual either. I just mean connection, I mean his wanting to signal a connection, warmth or simply his presence with me at that moment... something.

Maybe that was the case, maybe it wasn't. I consciously brushed my elbow on his hand but who knows whether that movement of his meant anything at all.

I could daydream about a scenario like this, all too easily. Where he eases his hands around my body from behind, wrapping them around my waist. I could easily end the daydream there. It's a lovely thought. Maybe his breath on my neck, his lips resting in the curve between my shoulder and my neck. Not a kiss, just his mouth resting, while his breath warms my collarbone. I could push it to a more sexual place too, where I guide his hands down and turn my neck back to kiss him. His arms pull me in tight and I feel his hard cock pressing against my ass.
But I don't feel like going there today, I guess I just need to feel warmth and intimacy today.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the slightest touch that sparks the senses and makes the mind wander to what could be is the best...

Advizor54 said...

A couple of years ago i met an old friend for a drink at Starbucks. Nothing was going to "happen" but we spent the entire hour talking and touching each other ove the table, holding hand, stroking the forearm of the other, until she moved next to me and I held her close in my arms and breathed with her for 20 minutes. We barely spoke, we only barely kissed, but it was one of the most intimate hours i have every had.

I like this co-worker guy.