Sunday, August 24, 2014

Working out.

We've started to countdown to the meeting in October.
It'll be almost a year and a half since we've seen each other. We're both working on ourselves more these days. He's going to the gym and has lost weight, not sure where he lost it from. I've been doing yoga now for just over a month and I feel stronger, more toned and just better in many ways. I want to get more flexible. I've always been fairly flexible, but I lost a lot so I want to get that back. I've been aiming to do the splits...(not that I ever could do them) we'll see if I get there in 2 more months.

Yoga is totally addictive. If I have the time I'll even do it 2 or three times a day. I have a new app. I know it's a bit yuppy, but it's a great app. It explains the breathing and everything. The sessions are relatively short so they're easy to space out in a day. Sometimes I'll do two consecutive sessions.

I've been doing it every day for the past week, but I started slow, two or three times a week, just one session at a time. The first session felt like a disaster. I'm now getting used to the workouts and the positions are getting easier. For now I'm working with the free version but I'm seriously contemplating buying the pro version. I guess if I use it, it's worth it, right?

Never mind, I just checked it's bloody expensive. It's on a subscription basis, $35 a year. Fuck that.. I'll get a cheaper one.

So yeah. After my self image post, I'd say this is a good comeback. I started yoga before that post but wasn't feeling the benefits yet.

I received some really great comments on that post btw. Thank you to everyone. There were some wonderful compliments and I'm never great at taking compliments, they make me blush and I get shy... It's an issue I need to try to resolve, probably related to self image lol. Anyhow it's interesting to see how each one of us sees the other and how we see ourselves. How much we'd like to be able to see ourselves from outside, both physically and character wise.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you. Seems that this could be a good thing! Hope to hear from you soon.
-Fly Bboy

cammies on the floor said...

Awesome and inspiring to strive for a goal. Hope your melding back together is lovely

Cande said...

It will be great. I'm super excited.