Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hair Pulling Tips

yes yes yes yes

 I am a fan of hair pulling or at least I think I am. Problem is I haven't had a single guy who was able to pull hair properly. The bf knows I like it and he has tried but he doesn't seem to grasp the basics of hair pulling. Rob hasn't really tried yet... though I'll likely ask him to.

It may seem like details to you but doing it right can be a real turn on while doing it wrong can be painful or just not sexy. Here are some tips that I think would work... Mind you I imagine this has something to do with preferences and taste; how much pain you want to feel.

When pulling hair:
-it's important to grasp all of it, or almost all of it. Bangs (or fringe as the brits say) can be left out but as much as possible of the rest should be grasped.

-Try not to weave your fingers into my hair too much... a little is unavoidable, but fingers get easily tangled in hair and it can also be painful.

Not like this

-It's best to grip a large quantity from the roots, not from the ends and not just a handful on top of my head like a serial killer about to cut my throat.

NO.... see his hand gripping just a little on the top?!? that just plain hurts and you're also pulling my hair out, don't want hair being pulled out during hot sex.

-It's easiest if you think about it in terms of a ponytail. Lets imagine my hair in a high pony tail, where do you grip it? Yank from the base where the elastic would be. And yes you should be trying to create a pony tail with your hands if my hair isn't up already.

-If my hair his long enough you can actually wrap my hair around your hand and make a fist.

Fuck yes
- Like in the picture above, you can get some distance from the head if my hair is already tied up. Hair is often cut in layers and some of those layers get away if you try to grip too far from the head.

Yes please
-Use hair pulling to get me into positions.
-Use it to pull me away from you to keep me from doing what I really want to do: suck your cock. The best tease.
-Use it to make me look at you while you fuck me or my mouth
-Use it to dominate me into kissing you
-Use it to steady me as you fuck me from behind.
-Use it to make me arch my back unnaturally
-Just USE IT.... get your hand around my hair and pull hard as you fuck me, pull my hair with every thrust to get more momentum. 


phoenix said...

Nice post I like it.

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rachel-xx said...

This should be required reading for ALL men.

CuriousRob said...

Thank you!

Cande said...

It was a fun post to write. And I agree with Rachel it should be required reading for all men ;)

Advizor54 said...

I'm willing to read any training you have to offer, but I really am a "hands-on" learner, Candy, Rachel, are you offering private lessons?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advice. I'll try it out. :)

Ethan Lambert said...

Bookmarking this for future reference.