Friday, October 10, 2014


JFB brings up a good point around prostitution. I've always been pro legalizing and controlling prostitution so that there is more safety and less pimping and importing going on.

What I don't get though is why men feel the need to resort to it. Don't get me wrong, I get it on some level but on another I just don't. It's like men have absolutely no control over their sexual urges. But they do. I've seen it. 

Why is it that women rarely go for paid sex? Are men totally incapable of dealing with their urges in any other way? That's what I don't get. And I don't think that between men and women our desire is any less intense either. There's also the health issues involved, I'd rather know my partner was in a binogomous relationship between me and another someone than going to prostitutes and risking my and his health.... mind you I do realise there's no guarantee no matter what.


Leonhart said...

I think what should be made clear front and centre are two key points:

1.Most men don't use prostitutes.

2. Most men don't think highly of other men that do.

The reasons why men take a dim view of it regarding other men is because it's like a confession of being so unattractive and incapable of getting a woman you have to resort to a prostitute.

It's a sign of failure.

I'm not so quick to condemn men who do use them. I imagine a lot of married men use them; men who don't want the hassle of concern of having an affair or one night stand and would rather just have the escapism of sex with someone else without hassle or consequences.

They pay their money, they get to fuck someone new and feel good about themselves.

And let's not forget the cliche of the sailor, after weeks or months at sea, who seeks a prostitute as a way of experiencing what they have been deprived of easily. The cliche is ridiculous, but applied as a metaphor for guys all over then it begins to hold explanation.

And hey! Let's not pretend there isn't an entire male escort service industry out there, either! :o)

T Gostea said...

men dont pay for sex, they pay for women to leave after sex. Men and women can get sex at anytime. No matter what they look like they can get laid anytime. So when men pay it is for pleasure and then for the women to leave.


N. said...

T Gostea quotes Charlie Sheen without credit. And I think that may well be true of SOME men, in SOME instances. But as with anything, generalizations are (almost) always wrong.

Leonhart asserts that "most men don't use prostitutes." This is a Clintonian construction, alas. I think most studies show that most men do, at some point in their life, pay for sex in some form or fashion. I'm not sure why he feels the need to assert it isn't so, but it simply doesn't square with common sense: if "most men" didn't pay for sex, didn't "use prostitutes," there wouldn't be prostitution in every podunk town in the world. Sorry. It just ain't so. Maggie McNeill ("the honest courtesan"), over at, has written extensively on this subject. Suffice it to say, I'm not buying it, Leonhart.