Sunday, October 12, 2014

Post 701 and my trip!

I'm currently at 701 posts. That is including drafts mind you. There are 52 drafts that have never been published and most likely never will. To celebrate, what better than a post about my trip to see Rob? The whole reason this blog exists.

My trip is drawing closer, I leave on the 23rd. The closer I get the more excited I get. The feeling in my stomach gets more intense every time I think about things.

I bought my train ticket to meet Rob yesterday. It was actually the second time I've bought it, the first time I kept him on iMessage an hour figuring out the best times, places etc. Since some plans had to change I had to get another ticket. This time I just did it. I knew all the details, I told him that I was doing it, I texted him. But once it was done, I just told him the arrival time and he simply answered "I'll be waiting".

The simplicity of that phrase is just lovely. I'm always making a mountain out of a molehill but I adored that phrase. It meant a lot to me. I'm not even sure why. I guess the reality of it all kind of hit me when he sent it. And it was so simple and final that I barely knew what to answer.

Butterflies were definitely having a party in my tummy that day. It's not so much nerves as excitement I guess. I don't get nervous until a day or two before meeting. This time I'll be busy with colleagues and work right up until the last minute. Hopefully I won't be a wreck for work. I'll just have to keep my mind on what I'm doing.


Advizor54 said...

"I'll be waiting" What a great phrase. The anticipation, the promise of seeing him as you get off the train, very cinematic.

Let the butterflies begin!

T Gostea said...

I would much rather you crossed the pond to see me.