Friday, March 13, 2015

Call for Half Nekkid Pics!

So Guess what?!? HNT is making a brief comeback!! I'm excited as hell.
It was all in lieu of Google's (Blogger) threat to take down our blogs due to their explicit nature. The original plan was to go out with a bang and post a whole bunch of "artistic nudes" in protest.

Since Google retracted its decision Osbasso decided we'd still go ahead with the picture party. I guess it's now going to be a celebration that we're staying.

Soooooo if you want to participate (you don't have to have a blog to participate) you can send pictures to Osbasso at:
You still have a week, so get your pictures in!! 

You can go see the submissions on the 19th over at The Other HNT.

Have fun!

**Oh and please, no gratuitous bodily fluids... we do have to keep some "artistic qualities" to these pics. Yes boys, that includes no cum shots and girls no creampies or anything else that would constitute bodily fluid... you know what I mean.**


Anonymous said...

Love ur HNT Cande! ;)


HNT James said...

shit, i can't tell which one is you. I've lost it. - James