Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Can You?

Can you get off without a screen in front of you?

I do think that this problem might be an issue for some women too. I have felt like I've come close to being at this point. My advice? Moderation. Get away from porn for a (long) while until you can get yourself off with your hands and imagination, stay there for a while and then bring porn back in gradually and only occasionally. Switch things up. Don't always get off in the same ways, especially not always with visual stimuli.

Oh and before you go off the visuals... get over to HNT on Thursday!


Max said...

Can I? Of course I can!

Chaosm said...

Haha. Yeah. The mind is the true sexual organ. When you are fucking someone, it is the mind that you should really be fucking with, because that's where the intense pleasure originates from.