Thursday, March 5, 2015


I think  a shower is basically the highlight of my day in winter especially. I really suffer from the cold and always need serious heat to get my circulation going.
If I had the possibility I'd take baths, I love baths even more than showers but where I live tubs are almost an extinct species.

When I shower I have a very precise routine. It's the same every time unless I'm completely out of sorts or in a huge rush.

I always start with my hair, I shampoo, scrubbing my scalp, and letting the suds run down my body. I rinse and then add conditioner and let it sit through to the end of my shower. I usually use dove soap (though in summer it might be Dr. Bonner's mint wash) and I shave and I soap everything up and get clean. I rinse the conditioner out of my hair and I then have a special "intimate" soap I use for my lady parts. If I need to shave down there, I'll use that wash as shaving cream.

Sometimes after I've done everything I'll treat myself to an orgasm in the shower. It's one of my favourite ways of getting off, though my preferences do vary a fair amount. I'll lean against the shower wall and take the shower head out of it's holder and change the setting from "rain" to somewhere between "rain" and "massage". Then I aim one of the three jets on my clit.
 It's intense. I can't do it long, I have to move it away and come back, and back and forth until my clit is used to the pressure. Sometimes I'll aim a second jet to the hole, stimulating the entrance, the two together is an incredible sensation.

My hands are diligently on the shower head, no fingers touch. It's only the water doing all the work. My hands guide the jets sometimes, a finger pushing the water to lessen the jet or to strengthen it. They generally move the shower head in a circular motion or even up and down. It won't take me more than a few minutes to get off like this and the results are crazy intense. I hope my neighbours can't hear me, though I'm sure they can. I have to stifle my voice, bite my lips, groan through my nose.

I'll end up doubled over, panting.... trying hard to catch my breath. One hand will be on the shower head and the other will be pressing my clit to ease the sensations. I'll hang on the shower bar to make sure I don't pass out from the heat and my hyperventilating.

Ok... I definitely need a shower now.

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