Wednesday, March 4, 2015

No Title is Better than a Boring one!

After the ordeal with Blogger I had a little rest from Blogging. I was really put off by Blogger's threats and when they first occurred I really figured they were a bit empty. When doing a little research to find out more I came to realize that the threats were indeed quite nasty and, well... threatening. It meant going through over 700 posts on my blog looking for incriminating images or links to porn sites. HNT pictures would have to be taken down. It was going to be a huge job.

It was forcing me to make a decision on whether to even continue my blog or not. Moving everything over to a new blog including readers/followers would have been a challenge... not that there are many people who continue to follow me here but still, I've carved myself a little place in cyberspace and I hated to think that I'd be losing it to a bunch of bureaucracy.

Apart from all that crap, what's new?

Well last time I heard Rob's voice was ages ago. The last time though he kept insisting I tell him when and where we were going to meet. It was very sexy to hear his desire so urgent. It's a pity it died down almost immediately. Fact is he planted that little seed in my head and now I'm thinking, and even looking at flights for spring and summer. If we met up I said that we'd probably have to meet somewhere other than England. France was a real possibility so that's where I'm aiming my research. I'd love to take 2 weeks and practice my french, just travel around a bit.

Co-W/Rob (thoughts)
Well the bathroom comments have been ongoing, every day. There have been no actions, none, which I still don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Probably a good thing. We joke quite openly about it so I guess it's also just show and play no reality whatsoever.

It's weird, my feelings are a little bland for him right now too. I am tempted by the fact that there is something to be tempted by... but it doesn't make my gut jump like thinking about Rob. It's like the electricity is running low or something. There are times when I think of Rob and my stomach feels like it's on a roller-coaster.

Right now though, to be totally honest, my libido is high but I don't have a focus and it's harder for me to get off without one. Rob is a little distant, busy I imagine. I'm also busy so less present. And the Co-W vibe isn't strong enough to get me off, I have to use a ton of filler of other crap like porn vid memories to get off and that kinda sucks. I'd rather work from memory or fantasy and there isn't much of either right now.
In the meantime I have learned that my fantasies, the ones I work from without any aid, have to be real... real possibilities or real past actions. They can't be impossible, they won't work which is why the thing with Co-W is so wish-washy. 


Advizor54 said...

I don't fantasize about movie stars or super models, I fantasize about friends; friends local, friends on-line, but only if I've spoken with them. I need a voice in my head, a smile in my memory, or, like Monday, the memory of the sun shining through a church dress I'm sure Cindy thought was more modest.

Occasionally Scarlett Johansson will make an appearance, and sure, Olivia Wilde may show up, but they are always holding hands with a friend of mine, or my wife, and we all get along famously.

I wonder if the low electricity comes from the conflict you feel over moving forward with co-worker. You are wise enough to know how that would change your dynamic and maybe smart enough to keep things under control.

And, as for France, Quelle heure pouvez-vous me rencontrer à la gare?

Chaosm said...

This is an electric harbour of sexual desires. And your ship's anchored here. Comfortable.
Just like your relationship with the others.

Would you ever have to set sail again?
Difficult to tell.

Are you yearning for adventures again?

Ebony Panther said...

Actually, you'd be surprised who still reads your blog. I have your feed sent to my Feedly account so I probably don't register on your stats. I suspect more than a few people get their blogs through a source like that so don't feel that people aren't reading. We're still reading & we still enjoy what we read.