Wednesday, June 3, 2015


So we went for drinks, me and my annoying neighbour's girlfriend. We always have a good time, I like her. She's funny. 
On our walk back home I asked her how she'd met her boyfriend and she said a little shyly, "it's a long story", without me pressing she continued, she said that she was with this guy, who happened to be friends with her current bf and there was some other social network at the time, he friended her on there, they started chatting and they started seeing each other. So this is his M.O.. 
I also asked if he was with someone else at the time too and she said that he was single. 

Just random details that help me put a profile together.... 


Peter Princip said...

You would make a great a hot one.

Advizor54 said...

Guys are easily conditioned to think that what worked once will work again, be it a pick up line, a joke, an outfit, a lucky cap or a playoff beard.

He may be looking for something new, or just be stuck in a way of communicating that's inappropriate to a new situation (you).

i'm glad you are friends with his GF, when the 2nd wine bottle is empty one night you can tell her what is happening.