Monday, June 1, 2015

Ugh Neighbour... Again!

He's at it again. It's disconcerting. This time it was extremely clear the posts were for me. The main post was another poem, a poem about a blond woman in the sun who carries your heart away. It's no coincidence I sat out in the the sun in the back yard to work the day before.
The posts were not public and they appear at the top of my feed just like all the others. I happened to 'like' one of his photographs earlier in the week (before the poem) and he sent me a private message on fb saying in English that I was his number one fan. After I didn't respond for a day he added that it wasn't a criticism. 
I ignored everything. It wasn't just one post either there were a bunch, things like asking suggestions for what to eat for dinner, mentioning being tired but not sleeping, one about going bird watching (wtf?!?)... The list goes on.  All weird things that make me just slightly uncomfortable. 

It frustrates me that just because I liked one of his photographs he has gone on this tangent. 

I talked to a couple of people about it. One suggested I ignore him completely. The other suggested I kindly tell him that I'd only like to interact publicly. I do kind of feel like I should say something... But my automatic response wouldn't be to politely mention public communication only. I'm not sure why though. Maybe it's a language thing. Maybe I feel like it could be interpreted in a few ways considering his posts are open on a feed but they are set for only me. 

Maybe I should set a private post just for him telling him to stop and that it's not appropriate. 

I was hoping we could organize a dinner with a group of our friends so that he could meet the bf and get a hint. Maybe he'd quit on his own. He just seems really stubborn and insistent. 


Advizor54 said...

OK, lets put this through the filter of modern American cinema to get an interpretation....

You are my #1 fan - you are my only fan, and I'm more than a bit obsessed with that idea.

carries your heart away - Does he plan on taking any other body parts or just the heart?

what to eat for dinner - Fava beans and a nice Chianti?

bird watching = looking for good places to bury the body

not sleeping - well, it's tough to sleep while sitting in the tree outside your window.

All right, maybe it's not that bad, but creepy is as creepy does and I think it's time to unfollow him on FB (never liked FB anyway), have a quick chat with him, let his GF know what's going on, and then be polite, but distant with him in the future. He won't like it, but it's no fun to have creepers around.

Cande said...

So maybe slightly less creepy than I initially thought... He actually did go bird watching and took pics. Maybe he's just trying to get my attention....

James said...

it's time to unfriend him on FB.

Peter Princip said...

I agree, cut contact and ignore him.

The only other option is to straight out tell him to fuck off and leave you alone. This may be the easiest but it also has the effect of potentially 'starting some shit'.

If he persists in stalking you then confront him.

Having a stalker of any kind is scary and unnerving.