Friday, May 20, 2016

The Guitar

Something happened the other day.
Let me start with a person. This person is a man I met through the art school where I work. He came for a course and has been back a few times and has integrated into my group of friends. He has a soft spot for me I think. He's a big guy, super sweet, funny and fun to hang around. He has become part of the family. When he's in town we always have a big dinner, with him at the centre of attention. 

On fb the other day he posted a video of a guy playing a four string handmade guitar and I went a little nuts. I expressed my awe of the instrument and how cool it was and that I'd totally want one if I had the cash (which I don't). 

Couple days, maybe a week later my friend sent me a message on messenger asking for my address. He spilled the beans more or less right away. First it was supposed to be a surprise but then he couldn't contain himself. He got me one, he bought me a hand crafted 4 string guitar. 

It was 6 am when he told me, I couldn't sleep and had woken up early. Then I heard this news and I was ecstatic. I didn't know how to thank him. I was speechless and it's such a massive gift. I feel like it's waay too much but he insisted, giving a plethora of reasons why he should. And it's not just for me, the guy who makes these needs the cash pretty desperately. 

Except once the euphoria died down I started dreading telling the bf. I was convinced he was going to act out, telling me I somehow brought this on. I was worried he was going to be jealous, asking all sorts of questions as to why he'd buy such an expensive gift for me. 

That day I brought the topic up with the bf slowly and cautiously, first letting him know that our friend had asked me for my address. I didn't let him know right away that I knew what the package would be. 
The next day I told him in person. His reaction was surprising. He was almost happy for me... He joked about it, saying I could go play in a competition or concert or something. It was not what I had expected at all. 

I can't grasp it. It's out of character. 

Anyhow that's the story. 

I have had an underlying feeling that the bf had found someone... That he's eeing someone. I've had this feeling before. Sometimes I have the urge to ask him if he's happy with our set up. If he would want to break it off to find someone else. But I never do. 

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