Saturday, May 7, 2016


Sometimes I'll be sitting crafting or taking a shower when my mind wanders. Sometimes it's a song, or even a voice, a comment, or a food that will trigger it. My mind will wander to a moment with Rob, a really precise moment. The memories are so vivid at times and other times they're hazy, like I can't quite remember what happened.

Most recently I was thinking of Storm Thorgerson, The artist behind all of the Pink Floyd album covers. His artwork comes up quite frequently on my Facebook feed. While Rob and I I were in Birmingham or Nottingham (can't remember which) we visited a museum/Art gallery. The gallery was full of his stuff, famous pieces of old and new Pink Floyd album cover work. At the time he was still alive, I believe he died the year after, if not the same year.

That is one of those moments I will never forget. It was probably one of the most memorable moments we've had together, yet at the same time we weren't  together, we browsed the gallery separately, as is often our custom when we go to galleries or museums. It's especially memorable for me though because it's the first time I took his picture. I was taking a photograph of two large adjoined, reflective spheres. He was standing in the background with his back to the spheres, I only noticed him when I got the photograph home on my computer. I can't say I obsessed about the photograph but every time I look at it, even now, I see him. 

Another memory is triggered by food, sour food to be precise. We were in Birmingham when we found an old candy shop, the vintage type that has jars, and jars of hard candy behind the counter. We both like sour candy so we walked in and we asked for the sourest candy they had. The girl behind the counter smirked. She said that she would let us try one for free if we would only put it in our mouth and promised not to take it out. We weren't even allowed to lick it first, We had to simply pop it in. I think we both got one, it was eye wateringly sour, but we both manned-up and kept it in. We bought a bagful with a few different flavors. 

The memories are in there, and on occasion they surface. I'm always surprised at how many new ones come to mind. They make me smile, feeling nostalgic, but overall happy feelings of wanting more. Definitely looking forward to more. 

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