Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Way too young.

I have a new job, I'm working in a Jr. High school. That means that the students are aged 10 to 14 more or less (apart from those who failed a year). I only work with the students aged 12 to 14.

Having said that, I have a student, just one, who stares at me as if I were a sex toy. He's about 14.

Now, let me get this straight. I know the look boys get when they are curious, and I know the look they get in their eyes when they see a pretty woman. They're usually giddy and shy. But this, this is different. This is the look of someone who has some kind of knowledge. It's intense. It burrows. It heats. It makes you blush.

I had seen it from boys in high school, and even then I found it too mature for the age. But at Jr. High?? C'mon!

Where do they learn this stuff so young?

Ok, so I have to ignore the fact that when I was 13 I had a relatively sexual experience (told here in sex from the past part III) with a guy who was older than me... but he certainly wasn't 30!

Anyone out there with some insight to this? I'm curious.


Leonhart said...

There is the chance that you might be reading more into this than is there.

However, I will say: I've been a boy that age and I know that many of my teachers formed the object of many a masturbation material over those years!

I knew which teachers wore short skirts, and which ones wore blouses that showed their bras and breasts a little more. And even at that age, inexperienced as I was, I could imagine all kinds of sexual acts and the way they'd look naked.

And fact is, you looking the way you do, I'd be surprised if you weren't the object of many a schoolboys 'alone time'.

Just for the love of God don't even encourage, mention or, heaven forbid, act on this boy's evident attention!

Cande said...

LOL, that's the last thing I'd want to do!! and to be clear... I NEVER wear miniskirts, open blouses, or any kind of mildly provocative clothing. I wear simple jeans and sweaters, sometimes a jacket but nothing fancy. There's another teacher I work with, who wears tube dresses over leggings with suuuper high heels... got to wonder.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Leonhart.

Racer X said...

Yeah, the kid definitely is eyeing you sexually. In this age of internet porn, even kids that young have seen most everything done sexually, at least online, so they will easily project it onto the world around them, far before they are psychologically ready to.

Cande said...

Racer X : Thanks. That's what I was thinking too, internet is definitely a factor. But the thing that stumps me is the "look". It's not something you learn on internet. You can't learn to look at a woman like that just anywhere. It's a very seductive look in his eyes, and with most kids I have no problem talking to them, but I get truly embarrassed if I have to talk to him. I can control it, but afterward I have to take a minute to exhale.