Sunday, November 27, 2011


I love a tease, a good one.
I love it when I watch a bunch of wonderfully erotic porn, I've recently come across a bunch from X-Art on youporn, they are so hot. All of them. The girls are gorgeous, the boys are too. And I've seen behind the scenes shots that are genuinely sexy. Perhaps I'll post a link. But not today. Today is about teasing.

I love getting myself so wet I want to touch. I won't touch though. I hold off. I get myself totally and utterly worked up that I could cum just brushing myself.

Today I talked to the Italian in Rome. The one that I suggested the threesome to last year ( I think).

Remind me that I need to blog about what we talked about in our last conversation.

He was such a tease today and we played on cam for the first time in AGES. It was yummy, very sexy.

First he teased me though. He talked about what he'd do to me licking my ass, letting saliva drip down to my pussy. Slipping his tongue inside my tight little hole, and then slipping his cock inside me.

Oh man, I'd love to feel his cock glide into my ass.

Then after a while of writing we finally got on camera. He was hard as stone. I was dripping, and we immediately got to it. I unzipped my hoodie to my bare skin, and bra underneath, I pulled my jeans down and showed him my ass. He groaned and laughed and said how hot I was... He was dripping pre-cum, he showed me, slipped his fingers into it and even brought it to his mouth.

Fingering, playing, licking... I still haven't cum. I watched him cum all over himself. We talked about meeting, about how explosive things are on line, and we look at each other with lust in our eyes.


J said...

I recently discovered x-art as well...I wasn't the kind of girl to have 'favorite' porn..til now!

John said...

Will have to look them up but am aroused enough from your description of you getting out of your hoodie! umph!

Michael said...

It's good that you still like to cam with someone other than Rob. I think you are well on your way to a whole range of new possibilities.


Ethan Lambert said...

Wow, I'd never even heard of X-Art and now I'm absolutely in love with it. For instance, I haven't been remotely interested in Lesbian Porn in years anymore, but that studio is producing some really good stuff!

Also, your thoughts on masturbation, and your fantasies with The Roman, literally made me break a sweat :-/

Amazon Woman said...

X-Art are great, I enjoy them too ;)

Carolina said...

I like the X-Art but I love the Orgasms porn too!

Racer X said...

Yeah...X Art and Orgasm porn are some of the best porn out there. They are well done, hot, erotic, with beautiful people sharing intense sex. It is great stuff.