Thursday, September 13, 2012

Preface to Death

So I've been contemplating whether to post something I wrote a while ago now. It was about a year ago. It was a purge about my mother's death. It helped me get over some things. I wrote it and left it as a draft. I never went back to read it. It sat there, a silent reminder of what I was trying to forget I guess. I wrote it to see if it would get rid of the anxious visions I had before falling asleep at night. I had them for over 5 years. It worked. After I wrote it they stopped. The best thing I've possibly ever used this blog for.
It was written to eventually get posted publicly. I never did get up the courage to post it. I actually never got up the courage to re-read it, but I read Rachel's last post and it made me think of my post. I went back to it and corrected the spelling. It's technically ready to be posted. It's now sitting at the top of my blog post list, still in draft, waiting to be public.

I guess it's time to post it. It's scheduled for tomorrow.


Ebony Panther said...

As one who lost his father over the summer, I can relate. I look forward to reading it.

Tom said...

A very courageous thing to do. I myself would probably just rip off the band-aid and publish immediately. The waiting is the hardest part.

I'm looking forward to reading it.