Friday, November 14, 2014

Pearl Necklace

When we got into the room, we dropped our bags and he dived onto the bed. He always makes it there before me.
 Once I'd taken my jacket and shoes off I jumped on next to him and we grabbed each other smiling and laughing. We horsed around. We teased each other. He tickled me to the point I was begging him to stop. He bit, kissed and sucked my neck and my lips. We rolled around and even play wrestled. We would just stare at each other grinning too.

We were both ready to fuck but we tried not to just tear at each other... we kept it at bay with play I guess. He started by trying to get my jeans off, but I joked saying I wouldn't let him. It was a bit of a challenge as they were tight and I was rolling around trying to make it difficult for him. When he got mine off I helped him with his. I'm not sure how it came up but this time he just said something like "I want it inside you".

This was a first. We usually start slower, blowjob generally then after a while we have sex. This time though we were both very hungry for each other. We needed that raw fucking right away.

We went through so many positions, constant changing, finding the best ones for both of us. I barely remember them there were so many.

There's one simple trick that I love with him. It's one that I remember he used on me the first time we met and it surprised me. While I'm on top, riding cowgirl facing him he puts his hands on my lower abdomen and presses just a little. His cock is such a length and so strong that I can feel it on my abdomen if he presses.
The first time we fucked he held me still and just flexed it while holding my abdomen I could feel it pressing up against my abdomen from inside me.

I'm not sure how many times I came that first hour. I think it was three.  I think there was even a time that he was just fingering me and I came.

My biggest problem around sex is that I'm so caught up in it all that I barely remember anything once it's over. It's unfortunate for me because I want it to be burned into my memories. Things come back, things flash through my mind at inappropriate moments but I can't remember sequence of events or too many details.

I'm pretty sure this was the time he came all over my chest. He came covering my tits and my neck. This picture does not depict anything anywhere close to how covered I was. I was drenched. It was also the time he spanked me and left that welt I described in my post "Print me Red".

I love the new term I learned for this. A pearl necklace. It suits the purpose so well. I saw a porn video recently, that probably wasn't really aiming for perfection, but it really looked like the woman had a beautiful pearl necklace on, dripping down her collar bones. 
*not me... I still have tan lines ;)*


Chaosm said...

Haha, thanks for the new vocabulary.
And glad that you had a good one.

Ebony Panther said...

I am curious since you stated in an earlier post that this would be the last time that you & Rob would be getting together. Now that you've seen him again, what are your thoughts about not seeing him any more?

Peter Princip said...

I can't believe that this is a new term for people. I learned this in grade school....Lol.

phoenix said...

I also learned that a long time ago. lol
Great story. When I saw the picture in my preview page I thought we were getting a new picture. :-(

Marcus said...

I thought that could have been you also! Nice to think about!!