Monday, November 24, 2014

"Close Your Eyes"

When I close my eyes, in the heat of my moments I remember instants, images and intense sensations of him. Most of them involve his cock in my mouth. Maybe because that's what turns me on right now and I crave it intensely some days.

He straddled my chest, arms close to my body, pinned next to me, while his cock slid in and out of my mouth. His hand gripped my neck, tightly, but just right. Barely able to breath, but getting breaths in as he pulled out, gasping like when coming up out of water, hungry for air hungry for more of his cock. Not sure which I want more.

On another occasion we moved to the floor, between the tv and the armchair. I was kneeling, he asked me if I wanted a pillow to kneel on but I refused it, regretting it later and grabbing one off the armchair. It was just a booster really, he's tall. He fucked my mouth while standing. Holding my hair in a ponytail pulling me back and forth onto himself.

He held my face in place with one hand while he worked his cock with the other, and he quietly said "close your eyes".
He came on my face on two separate occasions this visit, I asked him to. On other visits I hadn't closed my eyes and I could watch him and know what to expect. Closing my eyes was a different sensation completely. The unknown, the surprise, and everything is heightened. Sounds, smells and the temperature of his cum was amplified.

He came on my freshly shaved pussy once too.... that was one of my personal favourites. It was on the bed, missionary I guess, or maybe some contortion of it. I didn't stop circling my clit for one second while his cum shot all over my hand and pussy, making it slick and wet as it dripped down between my legs.

There were times we played around. I would bite his cock hard to see how much he could handle, often he wanted it harder than I was prepared to give him. A bit like when he gripped my neck and a tendon moved unexpectedly under his thumb and it wigged him out. It's fun pushing the limits, seeing how far the other will go. You learn a lot about character and hidden desires.
I'm still not sure we're anywhere near learning what there is to know about each other's sexual preferences or kinks, but we're closer.

I still remember the first time we met up, how I knew we could go further, how we could get closer to understanding. To be honest on the one hand it seems like we've come miles but on the other it seems like it's only a drop in the sea. 


Anonymous said...

This is golden

cammies on the floor said...

Quite sexy

Ethan Lambert said...

Incredibly sexy - you two sound like you connect so well sometimes.