Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Throwing Pots

"We're lovers!" He blurted out to the girl who was teaching us how to throw pots. Her back was turned to us so I couldn't see her expression but I'm pretty sure her eyes popped out of her head for a brief second while she managed to smile and say "good for you".
She wasn't shocked by the news, I think she was just surprised (as I was) that he would just come out with it the way he did. The topic died there, though it wasn't quite out of the blue, it was related to something she had been saying about how to get our pots to us, who to send them to and how to get in touch with us.

I think it was a good thing he mentioned it for a few reasons. It made her more aware so that she doesn't go posting pics of me n' him on fb and tagging me in them. And I believe it was good for him to be able to say it out loud. He doesn't talk to anyone about our relationship and I think there's a point where people just need to hear things out loud.

Yes, we did a pot throwing course. It was one of the non sexual highlights of the visit with Rob. It was a lot of fun and a surprise. We hadn't planned on it, we originally planned to go to the theatre to see a show, but instead we happened to walk into a ceramics studio and the teacher seemed really nice, it was a reasonable price and it was short, just 2 hours.

She kept comparing our pots, saying they were really similar. She said that usually couples that go in make very contrasting shapes, if one is open the other is very closed. Our first vessel was very similar, the second not so much. Mine collapsed, his stayed intact. I was really impressed by his skills, we all were. No-one believed that he'd never thrown pots before. It came naturally to him.

We're both super excited about our vessels. I can't wait to see mine. We're expecting emails soon for when she can send them to us. She has to fire them and glaze them and fire them again so it is bound to take a little while.


Ethan Lambert said...

It took awhile for it to click for me what "throwing pots" meant, but now that I get it, that sounds like a terrifically romantic way to spend an evening.

Will you be posting pot pics when you get yours in the mail?

Cande said...

It was a lovely evening... nothing like Ghost mind you. Yes Maybe I will post some pics when I get my pots.

Advizor54 said...

Yea, i was expecting a story of yelling and scream and pot throwing and then some really really good make-up sex. But making pottery is good too. Zzzz Zzzz... LOL


Cande said...

lol Advizor... I'll write about the sex soon enough.

Chaosm said...

Attraction for the similar is common but it's living with the opposite that seems the norm.
Don't know why but that's what I thought when I read that part about the shapes of pots.
And of course, unchained melody~~~