Monday, November 24, 2014

Stat Fetish - my most popular posts.

I have a bit of a statistic fetish. I was looking through my old posts trying to label them (because I've been really bad at labeling them) and noticed that I have some posts with an incredible number of visits.

I found that Blogger has a pretty good statistic section and while fumbling around I managed to get my most popular posts. Here are the top three:

The post "What does "I've been thinking about you" really mean?" has the highest number of page views at a whopping 14229 hits.

"A woman's Wet dream" post comes in second with 4671 hits.

IFMD has 3968 views (not exactly my best post... seriously no pun intended).

I'm pretty impressed. On average I'd say my posts get a total of somewhere between 80 and 150 views if there are no pictures... HNT pictures always got higher view counts, somewhere around 250ish. But seeing 5 digit page views just blows me away. I knew these were popular posts, I knew the number one post was getting a lot of visibility on google but whoda'thunk??


Ethan Lambert said...

How funny... your writing is terrific, which is why I keep coming back, and it sounds like a lot of people dig it too!

But I have to confess, I expected your top pages to be HNTs. Come for Nekkid Cande, stay for the story?

When are you going to start doing HNTs again, anyways?

Anonymous said...

I try very hard to read every post you write. I love reading your thoughts and desires. I know I don't always comment put I do love your posts.