Friday, November 28, 2014

Slow Teasingly Tortured Sex.

If there's a type of sex that I really, really like it's the slow tortured sex. Sure there are times when all I want is that hardcore primal fucking, but if I had to choose... if I were forced to choose a type it'd probably be slow and utterly teasing.

Cock slipping up against the entrance, rubbing my clit, taking the juices and spreading them around. Maybe even a little slapping your cock against my wet clit and then just barely easing in. The huge tip of your cock spreading me open, sliding in to the end of the head and then pulling out once again, and repeat.

Repeat but ease in slower next time, make me beg for it, make me groan and whine for your length. I couldn't want anything more than to feel the full length of your cock inside me but don't give it to me.

Maybe you move from my pussy to my mouth, make me taste us together on the tip of your head. I could suck you all day but you deprive me of even that because you go back down to ease yourself inside me again, this time a little deeper. Say, half way? You want to force your way all the way in, I know you do, but resist. I'll even beg you to give it to me deeper, I'm sure, but don't. I want to be teased as long as you can stand it, as long as either of us can.

This teasing could bring me over the edge.
Those orgasms are different. They are intense but slow, the waves are slow and my body relaxes to enjoy every second of it.
If I don't cum like that (or even if I do) then I give you permission to thrust, so hard and so deep I can practically taste you. You withdraw and take your aim. Toy with the entrance, in and out in the slightest movements and then hard, pounded back in. It feels so fucking good, the length of you, the anticipation of that length was torture, but having it is ecstasy.

Once in, once there, grind to reach my depths, every inch of me wants you. Every dark corner wants to feel your hard cock. I'll cum for you, no question. These orgasms are like fire, they race through shockingly hot and hard. The waves make me lose control, I grip, bite and frantically whimper to keep myself from screaming.

If we both survive, you can cum, you can cum where you want. On my face? on my pussy, or my tits, or maybe in my mouth. Would you fuck my mouth while I'm recovering? Would you thrust in till I could barely breath, use the energy you didn't use on my pussy, on my mouth. Just grab my head and pound me till you cum? I could do with a real primal pounding at this point.


Ethan Lambert said...

Thanks Cande. I am now so turned on I am incapable of standing up and walking down the office without getting reprimanded for the obscene bulge in my pants. I hope you're happy :-P

dave smith said...

The joy of the slow tease! Guys dig it too!

Peter Princip said...

"Just grab my head and pound me till you cum?"


I love it when she is like a ragdoll, letting me use her body as I cum. Then cuddling in the sweat, cum and sticky sweetness of hard sex until it gets too chilly and we have to get warm in the shower.