Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I feel the need for human contact beyond just what my bf gives me. I need to be touchy-feely with other men, I'd probably even go with women too if I were drunk enough and not worried what they'd say.
The cute guy I work with has been getting more touchy lately, and that's heightening my awareness of him. He actually kissed me on the cheek the other day. No not just the typical European hello kiss. It was a true, full on, moist kiss. When I said good bye to him at lunch, he was on the phone so I started a wave and we ended up with entwined fingers. Now if that's not a somewhat intimate gesture, I'm not sure what is.

I still fantasize about him. He's really the only good looking guy that I am close to at the moment. I catch myself thinking naughty things when he's around.

How I'd like him to come up behind me unexpectedly, move my hair to one side and kiss that area between shoulder and neck. That special area that is curved perfectly to match the curve of a face. It would start with his warm breath, him taking in the smells, and I would freeze in place. He would progress to a kiss, a hint of tongue and a grazing of teeth. His hands would move over my waist to my tummy. Under my tank top, and my muscles would contract at the tickling of his light caress, my breath would shorten and my head would loll back slightly to meet his. His arms would wrap around my thin waist easily into a gradually constricting hug, pulling my body slowly and tightly to his where I could feel his breathing and his hard cock against my jeans.
And then the thought vanishes as my boss calls me to attention.


Anonymous said...

i undastand girl...love ur blog

dark snow said...

ahh...stupid boss..

Leonhart said...

Sounds to me like there's definitely a connection going on between you and work colleague (the lucky swine!). Enwtined fingers and kisses? Definitely something there. That's more than just friendship between a man and woman to me.

Master of sin said...

Nice start to a very hot fantasy, cande. Tell the boss to stay away longer the next time you have this fantasy.

Racer X said...

Fantasizing about coworkers can be quite hot. I do it all the time. What is even hotter is when those fantasies become the realities of slightly forbidden erotic pleasures.