Sunday, October 25, 2009

What does "I've been thinking about you" really mean?

I've been thinking.

When a girl tells a guy that she's been thinking about him, it generally means that she has been thinking about him in an abstract way about his face, his words, his actions. Him in general. She probably misses him in some way.

Is it the same for men, or do men say that they think about a woman when they've been thinking about how they'd like to fuck her? or how they'd like her to gag on his cock? or is it more of a general thing, like what women think?
Or will men say that they're thinking about a woman just to please her, to make her feel wanted so they get laid? When in fact he didn't think about her at all.

I wouldn't want to be too gullible and think that when a guy tells me he's been thinking about me that he's actually been thinking about ME as a person and me in general.
Or should I?
Maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I should give into my romantic nature and believe that he's been thinking about how I am and what I'm doing and when we met... and so on and so on.

Don't get me wrong, I think about ravaging a man's body all the time. But I don't often tell a man that I've been thinking about him JUST when I've been thinking about sexual acts with him, unless I'm teasing him. I guess I put more of an emotional twist on the words. It's a bit like saying the dreaded "I love you". You only say it when you mean it (at least I do). I only say that I've been thinking about a person when I really mean it emotionally, when I miss them as a person.


Indigo said...

We as humans tend to spend our lives anylizing what the other sex thinks we're thinking and why we think it in the first place, we spend way to much time analizing things, if we feel that it's right, then we should act on those instincts

Anonymous said...

Cande, as a man who has spent many evenings drinking a beer with buds who were trying to get over a girlfriend, I have an opinion on this. "Most" men are far more sentimental than women; they just do their best to hide it. But we do think about gagging, spanking, and pulling her stuff a lot too (smile).

Cande said...

Indigo: I agree, you are absolutely right. I am a very analyzing person sometimes. And your answer sounds like something I'd say to someone else who has written the same thing. I am all about instincts I follow them every time I can. I also get a kick about hearing from my readers, and getting some insight into what they're really thinking ;) good trick eh?

Clark: Veeeerrryy interesting! It's nice to see someone man enough to admit it!!

Leonhart said...

If a guy says it sincerely - without any kind of raised eyebrow or grin on his face - then he almost certainly means it in the way you, I think, would like it to mean; in terms of your personality, his memories of you two, or if something happened that reminded him of you in a good way.

Even us guys acknowledge that sex can only get people so far. We do want the other stuff; wit and intelligence and charm and interest. As with women, these all merge into making a person even sexier anyway.

A dull good-looking woman is still a dull woman. We guys, shallow as we are, know that.

Anonymous said...

i've been thinking about you, cande...

Trée said...

I've been thinking about you too. A lot.

Cande said...

Leonhart: I love understanding a man's reasonings and internal thoughts, thanks!

Eternal: have you now??

Trée: I hope you've been thinking good things about me ;)

Advizor said...

When I say, "I've been thinking about you." it's usually because I saw something at the market I think you would like, or I saw your evil twin at the mall, or because I smelled something that made me think of the last time I nuzzled your neck.

For me memories and thinking of someone are tied in to a wish to be together again, you get that twinge of sadness at being apart whether it's been for a moment, a day at work, or years.

Young Lady said...

A got an email from a man I dated 2 years ago. Just plain and simple "Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you and hope your doing well". This guy couldn't commit, I was hurt, in essence I gave my everything and we ended it mutually because he couldn't reciprocate. Now..SHOULD I believe that he wants to get back together..test the waters again..I think not. People should be more focused on the actions and their intentions than mere thoughts.

Anonymous said...

i found this blog very enlightening.