Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update Shmupdate

Alright update time.

First of all I'd like to apologize to all my readers. I have been very slow at keeping my blog updated and interesting. I do however have a lot of things going on these days between family friends, a huge trip to plan in December and TONS of work.

I haven't been to see my sister in law yet. We are going this afternoon though so I'll have more info on that later today or tomorrow.

Work has been crazy recently. I haven't been to my usual work place with my cute co-worker so there's no news on that front. Although I will be seeing him again next week.

I can still feel the depression creeping under my skin, but I'm managing to keep it away as long as nothing serious happens. I hope this evening at the clinic doesn't trigger anything.

My sex life is good. Although bf has to do a sperm test to see how live his sperm is on friday so he can't have any sexual release until after then. 3 days of teasing muahahahahaha (evil grin and rubbing of hands).

I want to thank everyone who emailed me in concern and with help for my sister in law. I really have found an amazing outlet here and I promise I'll try harder to keep things up to date and interesting!

I will also try to be better at answering emails....

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Leonhart said...

I can't imagine there's much more erotically painful, and pleasurable, than you with three days to tease a guy that can't relieve himself. I'd probably say something like 'Go easy on him' normally, but fuck that. Three days is nothing, and I KNOW that for fact. So go hard on him! Torment him 'til he weeps!