Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Ultimate Tease

Eat me, bite me, slap me, kiss me, fuck me, suck me, slip me, fix me.
Listen, wait, want, take.
Start again.
Taste me, smell me, breathe me, graze me, touch me, want me, seek me, hold me.
Slip, first in, then out, deep, slow, pulsing, throbbing.
Listen carefully, wait longer, want more, take harder.

The ultimate tease is knowing when to listen, when to wait, when to give.


Advizor said...

"breathe me....' what a great phrase, and a terrific post.

dark snow said...

agree...and better one is when to tell =p

Anonymous said...

Loved it. lovely writing you have been doing.


Gray said...

mmm I like this post!!

Great wording and images.