Thursday, October 22, 2009

Italian TV

I've been down and out with the flu this week. I have been laying in bed, blowing my nose and coughing a lung up for 4 days.
This morning I was up at 6:00am because I couldn't breathe. So I came out into the living room and turned the TV on. Italian TV is strange. They have the strangest re-runs on in the mornings here. The morning went something like this:

-Quincy M.E.:Good old manual CSI stuff haha it's great.
-Hunter: What to say except crazy hairdoos
-The A-Team: Oh yeah baby that's definitely something I wish I could get more of. Mr.T rocks.
-Starsky and Hutch: A show I never got to see when I was little, I'm a few years too young, but yes It's the height of 70s clothing and music.

What I didn't get this morning but I may get on another morning, is Night Rider (aka "SUPERCAR" as the Italians call it), Magnum P.I. It's so much better in Italian than in English. Has something to do with the dubbing. The jokes are actually funny, The Dukes of Hazzard Car chases and hot girls in hot pants ;)

I should to a whole post dedicated to Italian TV. It really is quite an interesting phenomenon.


Gray said...

I remember watching TV when I was in Montenegro. The strangest things.. :)

Max said...

aw ... feel better bella

Sheen V said...

Aren't their game shows interesting? When I was there a few years ago it seemed like every game show involved stripping.

Fantasia Lillith said...

Get better soon!!

I love the young and the restless in France. It's just ... better. When I lived in Germany I got all htose shows in German and it made me laugh so hard! Magnum PI especially!

Cande said...

Gray: IT is the strangest thing! I knoooW! haha

Max: Thanks Bello!

Sheen: yeah! the game shows are interesting. It's not quite stripping, but yeah pretty close. I really do need to do a post on this.

Fantasia: Pleased to have you here! I'm not sure what it is about Magnum PI in another language but it's just so much funnier! I bet German would be interesting though, it would sound rather harsh I think.

I've bookmarked your page. Interesting stuff!

Leonhart said...

That's like TV shows that I grew up with. Used to totally love Knight Rider and A Team.