Sunday, October 4, 2009

Girls with Glasses

Why do men like girls with glasses? Why do boys make fun of them at school?

As a girl who sometimes wears glasses I've frequently asked myself these questions.

A girl who wears glasses at school is often considered a geek or a teacher's pet. She's often shy and possibly a loner, like I was. They are often vulnerable and easy to taunt. The stereotyped girl with glasses at school is what many movies have played with; That girl who is apparently ugly but who has an amazing potential to be pretty.

Where else do boys see girls/women with glasses while they're in school? The teachers and authority figures. They can be beautiful women who instigate power and fear. They look at you over their glasses and stare you down, making you feel tiny and insignificant.

I think these stereotypes remain in the memories of boys at school, they fantasize about them in two ways as far as I can tell. The shy girl who should/will/can be corrupted and the dominatrix woman with leather and heels ready to hand out spankings.

Did I forget any?

Which is your favourite?


Anonymous said...

i think its because they think of the whole "sexy teacher thing"

Trée said...

They have to be the right glasses, kinda like the ones you are wearing here. Cleavage helps too. The right glasses and cleavage is an unbeatable combination. :-D

Trée said...

I forgot to mention, the angle of your eyes in this photo along with the hint of a smile, is very nice.

Cande said...

Babydoll: You're right! that's what I'm talking about! That sexy teacher look :)

Trée: I wish that was me!!!

Racer X said...

Yes...I absolutely love girls who wear glasses...the whole librarian thing, intelligent girl thing, is quite sexy.

Cande said...

RacerX yes I agree. The librarian is one I forgot! does that fit into the beautiful geek category?

Leonhart said...

Personally, I generally teased the girls I liked at school.

Women with glasses can have that level of 'reveal' about them. As in they can appear bookish and professional at work, and then later off comes the glasses and down comes the hair and suddenly they are smoking hot. This creates a duality in a woman that, I think, most men find sexy.

Cande said...

Leonhart: yes I hadn't thought of the duality part. Hmmm good point!

Advizor said...

I think LeonHart's duality, and is goodin your thoughts of the corruptible "good girl" also covers a lot of ground. But I also think that the girl in glasses is serious, deep, emotionally ready to tear into someone whom she trusts. I think your only glasses is hiding something, a desire perhaps, that she fears to unleash, or a passion that she knows she must restrain.

Plus, the right pair of glasses can be awfully cute. One of the hottest girls in my college group wore glasses with no prescription because she knew that, as a fashion accessory, they invoked all the images we are discussing here. Believe me, it worked, we all wanted her.

Of course, she wasn't as pretty as Cande, but who is?

Anonymous said...

Men do tend to flirt with me more when I have my glasses on; of course, I'm too socially awkward to realize it until after they are long gone. lol

Cande said...

Advizor: hmmm the emotional side is also something I didn't consider.
And There are plenty of girls muuuch prettier than me. I can't take that compliment.

Charlie: I've always had a tendency to take my glasses off around guys. I had a guy ask me to take them off once saying that they hid my face and that I looked much better without. So I now take them off when I talk to people.
But honestly I've never noticed guys flirting more with me. Maybe I should wear them more often.

James said...

glasses are very sexy on a girl. It gives that look of naughty sophistication.

Anonymous said...

I am attracted to a girl with glasses, because they
show a intellectual "sexyness" about them. I agree
with a previous poster about the duality.