Tuesday, February 8, 2011

all Quiet on the Western Front.

All Quiet on the Western Front... especially on the sex scene. I was hoping that bf would make a move, but it looks like I'll have to make it.

I went to bed last night super early, like 10 o'clock, I'm just not used to getting up at 7:30 to go to work and working until 9pm. This morning I woke up to thoughts of Rob. Rob in my bed. I woke up to the lovely thought of him sucking my clit, and then pulling me onto his lap, making me ride him slow and deep, while both sitting upright. he then pushes me back slowly, arm hooked under the small of my back and my shoulders and head back on the bed. One of his hands roams my torso, breasts and neck, while he fucks me harder and deeper. I came damned hard to those thoughts. I had to be careful not to groan out loud, bf was in just the other room, and I would have been heard in a totally silent house. I gasped though... completely involuntarily.

I then turned on my phone and was pleasantly surprised that I got a text from Rob that I wasn't expecting. He's on holiday skiing. He was on line last night like at 10pm my time. I was fast asleep in bed... darned it all...
Anyhow he left me a really nice email that I could easily cum again to.

Seeing as this is another week back at work I get to see Co-Worker. I'm sad to say that he will be going away for 3 weeks in March. South Africa... word is that he might be thinking of moving there with his gf.. I'd be sad very sad if he did that.
Nothing much of worth there either. Today he walked past me, stared me straight in the eyes and continued to walk while staring straight at me. I actually turned my whole body to stare at him, it was a kind of staring game I guess, both our eyes were huge, neither of us smiled. But I suppose it was kinda funny but strange.

At lunch though he kept preening, he reminded me of my parrot. Sitting there, glancing at me, fixing his hair, his sweater, rubbing his eyes, glancing at me, straightening his tray, smoothing his sleeves, fiddling with his fingers, glancing at me...All very quickly too... not normal speed. He does tend to be a bit anxious in general, he's always moving, but it was a bit over the top at lunch, it looked like he didn't know what to do with himself. Or maybe it was a subconscious attempt to attract attention.

Anyhow I need to get off... again... I think it's the work tension.

mumblemumble... argmeloshmfh... k back to work...

heheh I wonder how many people will come to my blog looking for info on All Quiet on the Western Front. lol


Anonymous said...

I think I like this version a lot better, much less depressing.

Anonymous said...

goddamn I wanna be rob! or at least the dream rob!

Diner Nighthawk said...

Haha, I'v had those days... those, no matter how many times you've got off you still can't get sex off the brain.

The staring encounter with the coworker sounds like one of those subtly intense moments. I wonder if he's wrestling with some sadness about leaving with some unresolved feelings for you too?