Sunday, February 13, 2011


well.... after that very frustrating post that I wrote last night the ice finally melted. Bf came back to bed this morning and yes we had sex. It was pretty good too. All except first stages of foreplay, but I tried real hard to ignore it. I won't even bother going into that.

The sex was very good but as per usual after a long time I could not come. I will the second time round. I came very close to coming but alas it was not my destiny. I tried everything to keep bf from coming before I came. It got to the point where I thought that if I sat on him reverse cowgirl, and didn't move much and just worked my clit I could cum without him getting too much stimulation. But what ended up happening was, and I've never done this before, I sat on him to start and then I lowered my self... hmm how can I explain it. Ok, imagine I'm on top of you ;) if you're a guy... and I'm kneeling facing away. I rest my head between your feet and then I extend one of my legs back. There is absolutely no way you can really move in that position, but I can get to my clit and work it, but I didn't factor in that:
a) bf gets a perfect view of himself inside me and my ass which he loves.
b) my hand working my clit was acting like a vibrator on his balls.
c) bf would be tempted to play with the "forbidden" hole which always makes him cum.
So alas he pulled out and came. I kept up with the stimulation because I was so close and I think his orgasm may have been stronger because he had such a great view of me playing with myself.

Phew... anyhow finally.... I'm feeling a bit better. Now I just need to work on the foreplay. I feel like he's treating me like something that is fragile during foreplay. Once he got inside he started spanking HARD man... that was fun. I actually had to grab his hand at one point to stop him for a minute lol.


ebony panther said...

That's awesome. Here's hoping it's the start of more frequent sex.

Johanna said...

Wow, good for you! And as for orgasmic events, I have high hopes - for both of us ;-)

Cande said...

Indeed so do I :)
Tonight hopefully!

Advizor54 said...

This sounds like a great combination of position, visuals, stimulation, and fun.

I'm glad you got to the finish line.


Chapter Two said...

foreplay - a LOT of foreplay is necessary for me to O. More than he is really willing to give, and I admit it is a commitment man, but sooooooo worth it - if I can get to THAT point where I am 'there' and wound up and man oh man,,,,, hoping it starts to click for you two

dark snow said...

how to make women orgasm earlier than men is a very tricky question, when to even achieve orgasm is hard enuf =p