Saturday, February 12, 2011

What am I doing wrong?

So bf and I went out to a pub with friends this evening. I had a few drinks in me and thought it would be a good start to send him a sexy text message. So I hid my phone under the table and sent him a message that said... "so are we gonna have some crazy sex tonight?"

It's a typical sentence we used to use when we'd fuck with no end during those hot summers.

So I kept an eye on bf seeing if he read the message... but he never did... thinking that he didn't feel it (on silent mode that vibrates), I call him to get his phone to vibrate, once, twice a third time, but he never pulls it out of his pocket.

We get home, and he's seemingly exhausted, perhaps on edge, hard to tell, in any case. I ask him what's up, he says he couldn't wait to get home. I ask why if it's a body thing or a head thing, and he says he doesn't know. I pull his phone out of his pocket to see if maybe I missed him reading my text... But there are three missed calls and a text message still on his phone. he hasn't seen any of them. I show him the unread message but he has no interest in reading it.

So now he's in bed... he hasn't read my message. He is soundly sleeping.
WTF am I doing wrong??


James said...

you're doing everything fine. It's just boyfriend who doesn't seem interested. And that's really too bad (for him and you). I don't have any advice, i'm in a similar situation and it's not getting better. Good luck to you.

Advizor54 said...

At some point he needs to ask if there is something medical going on. Always being tired, loss of interest in sex, always "not in the mood" can be indicators of other problems.

Or, he's crazy. I mean, come one, I've seen your HNTs.

Max said...

Doesn't sound to me like *you're* doing anything wrong.... But I suspect you already know that.

I hope for the best for you.


ebony panther said...

I'm with everybody else on this. You're definitely not doing anything wrong. Hopefully, he's not at the stage where he's just taking your relationship for granted. I'd say force the issue but I believe you did that once & he flipped out.

Anonymous said...

You are not doing anything wrong. I agree he could be taking the relationship for granted.

Ethan Lambert said...

Perhaps he's blind?

In all seriousness, if he wasn't feeling well and he didn't hear his phone go off with any of your suggestive texts, perhaps it was just lousy luck tonight.

I know after a particularly bad fight, especially one that feels like it was poorly resolved, I have a hard time getting back into a sexual groove with Lena. Between worrying if she's still mad, or perhaps being still mad myself (not that he has an excuse to be mad, just using the example), and struggling with whatever feelings of trepidation I might still have, sometimes it's awhile before I'll risk approaching her for sex again. I don't know if that's a me thing or a guy thing in general, but given that he didn't know you were making the first move it was just a case of bad timing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cande. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I've been there before and it really does hurt. I agree with everybody else that you aren't doing anything wrong. I don't know what's going on, but you can't fix him. All you can do is be yourself. XOXO

Anonymous said...

give him two viagra's
wright the message on some paper
wrap brick with message
wait for the pills to take effect
hit him over the head with the message

now have your way with him before he regains consciousness.

Leave message pined to his chest.