Sunday, February 27, 2011

My So Called Life

I'm in this weird state, feeling strange, not something that will last, it's only temporary. The reason is that I found "My So Called Life" on 'Cooltube24' and have been watching it whenever I have a few minutes to spare. I feel like I've been sucked into a parallel universe, where I'm a teenager again.

The sitcom ran in 1994-1995 there was a total of 19 episodes including the pilot. It starred Clare Danes (as Angela Chase) and Jared Leto (as Jordan Catalano). Clare Danes plays a character that I swear is based on me as a teenager. It's a sitcom I used to watch when it first aired and my family and friends were shocked at how much we looked alike and acted the same. She was me, I was her. I had even dyed my hair red that year and I had the same haircut. The sitcom was running the year before I graduated from High school so it fit me perfectly. She narrates basically each episode and my thoughts at the time ran perfectly parallel to hers.

Jared Leto plays a character that is not the most intelligent, he's dyslexic and cuts class all the time. But he represents the type of guy that each teenaged girl has wanted so badly at some point or other. The typical guy who is sweet and caring and amazing at times and other times is afraid to make a move, scared to give the wrong impression to his friends and is worried about image (as most teenagers are). It makes for incredibly awkward situations interspersed with amazingly affectionate scenes which is much of how I remember my high school years.

I'm on episode 13 at the moment and I know that the sitcom ended with a cliffhanger and was cancelled. I don't want to finish it, I wish it could go on forever.

So I guess I've been sucked back into it all. The thoughts, the observations she makes are still extremely valid. And I still feel like her. I would suggest checking it out. At least the first two episodes. The second is possibly one of my favourites. It just explains so much about who I am I think.

Oh and ignore how they dress.... they're always wearing plaid shirts over everything. I didn't dress like that much. lol
Oh and another thing.... my toilet seat is "Catalano" brand (aka Jordan Catalano.... aka Jared Let).... WHY do I notice these things???


Advizor54 said...

I love finding old shows like that, and though I've never watched this one, I'll have to add it to my list.

"Mad about You" had the same impact when I was first married. Writing that catches real emotions is rare, so they are great when they come along.

And don't make fun of plaid, please, or I'll have to burn all of my old year book pictures.

ebony panther said...

A great series. I remember it well.