Monday, September 26, 2011

Men are confusing.

I'm really confused. Men just don't make sense to me sometimes... Scratch that... Most of the time.
I had the best opportunity today to have lunch with co-worker and talk to him about stuff and he copped out. It kinda pissed me off, partially because I was in a pissy mood anyhow and partially because there's just so much I feel the need to clarify with him and never find the opportunity.
On the up side he did say a few things that hinted at more depth today. Most of which was centered on the fact that he doesn't think I should stay here, in this country. I'm not quite sure what he was really trying to get at. Half the time he asks me questions that I answer without really knowing what the hell he's talking about and then I kick myself for not asking him to clarify. Sometimes I feel like telling him to talk to me straight, but I never do.

He's moved into a new house with his gf. I don't know what to think about that.

On the other hand I saw Blackbeard today and slyly managed to get both his private and work email. I think he was a little surprised since he hesitated and then outright asked me if it was for work. I'll never use it, I did send him some work info this eve but haven't heard back yet.

As for Rob, I have heard very little from him. I've been dreaming about him and wanting him a lot these days. I miss him terribly. I ache for his contact, it's quite literally painful at times.


Advizor54 said...

Leave the country? WTF?

If co-worker has moved in to a new house with the GF, it seems as if he's getting more serious which explains, if I was writing a screenplay of your story, that his request for you to leave was because he was in love with you and needed you gone so he didn't falls for your beauty and charm (like the rest of us have).

It's too bad that Rob isn't more available for you. The pain of separation is tough to handle when it seemed to be improving for a while. Is it just a matter of getting back in the groove after your long vacation?

Anonymous said...

dam, you do have men issues. complicated, communication less, lopsided freaky man issues...

but at least you have us uncomplicated fools at your beck and call to keep you entertained