Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Brain Chaos.

Things in my brain have calmed down... because it's my brain that creates the chaos and difficulties that I perceive. Sure, there are external factors too but it's magnified by my brain.

The niece is no better, still in the psych ward and still very difficult to deal with. She's fine with me, but a monster with her parents yet they seem to be dealing with things slowly and painfully but steadily.

As with the bf I had a discussion with him. It was painless and quite easy. We talked about sex but it was a conversation that didn't seem to resolve anything. We need to talk about it again. I have issues, he has issues and for now we acknowledged that they are there and we voiced some of them. Now to work through them and get past them.

The weather is good, it's hot... and that does things to me. It makes me horny... I've got pictures planned but whether I'll manage to find time to get any up is the main issue.

I need a vacation.


Osbasso said...

Find the time. ;-)

Osbasso said...

BTW--Tuesday marked the 10th anniversary of the first HNT. Just in case you wanted to send me something in celebration... :-P