Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Neighbour is back...

I changed my profile picture on FB today. When I change my profile pic I occasionally get a private message from an ex boyfriend who tries to flirt with me. Today I got a private message from my neighbour. Yes folks. He's back.

It was a mound of compliments about it. I have to admit it made me feel good. I am flattered. But I really shouldn't be interacting with this guy. I really don't want to egg him on. We chatted for a bit. I tried to cut the conversation short a few times, just answering with a fb thumbs up or something but it didn't dissuade him from talking more. I hate being rude so I politely respond. Bad... bad me.

This isn't our first online interaction since those fateful posts... There was a recent episode where I was working down in my basement and he came down and startled me as he went into his laundry room. He just said 'Hi good morning'. And I answered back politely but I was obviously startled.

Later he asked if he had scared me and I admitted that he had but that it wasn't a problem and that I am often in my own world when I work. Blah blah it was a conversation... again that was difficult to cut off.

I can't pinpoint how I should view this guy. Whether he's SUPER shy and trying to hit on me or if he's a jerk.

Lately my outlook on men is rather dismal. I've had one too many weird or negative experiences and I've kinda lost faith in them. Maybe a polyamorous outlook is my destiny.

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Mike129 said...

Ugh. Sounds like trouble, and you certainly deserve better....