Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot and Bothered

There are a lot of things that turn me on. Summer is one of the highest on my list. It must be the heat. Hot sticky, sweaty sex is the best sex on the planet.
It's not just the heat though. It's a combination of the clothes that I get to wear, tight things, really short skirts or shorts, bathing suits, bikinis and the days are longer. Winter is just too dark and depressing for sex I find. I much prefer it in Summer.

During summer I've been so horny I've contemplated walking into a store with a short skirt on, and bending over in front of some good looking stranger hoping he'd put his hand up my skirt. Wishing he'd slide his finger into my pussy. Some of my msn guys have begged me to do it, dared me. When I tried I couldn't find anyone that I wanted or the store was too empty. I even tried it at a concert. But everyone (including myself) was too busy watching the amazing concert going on.

Once it happened to me. I got felt up on a subway in Mexico city while traveling. I think it was an old guy who did it. The guy just fondled my ass in jeans. I was pretty angry. But I admit that if it had been a younger good looking guy I may not have minded so much. I have fantasized about it often enough.


unique_stephen said...

Would you get abut in no nickers or no bra and deliberately 'accidentally' flash guys as you bend over or do other normal things?

Cande said...

I have done yes. I would probably do it again, but going around with no nickers is relatively uncomfortable in summer. but wearing low cut shirts to flash guys is probably pretty common for me.