Sunday, June 28, 2009

"The Meeting" Part II

We wandered into the next room and wandered through the special collection of Burne Jones. Perseus. Eight (I think) Paintings of the story of Perseus killing Medusa and freeing a princess from a water-monster (depicted above).

Such an amazing collection. Erotic. The princess Andromeda tied naked to a rock in the middle of the ocean, cold and dripping.
I had the uncontrollable urge to take Robby right there. I resisted, limiting myself to staring while he wasn't watching.

We headed off to the gift shop... getting lost in the museum. Robby bought me two postcards of my two favorite paintings, the gigantic painting I gawked at and Perseus with the monster. I now have them pinned up above my computer.

We walked out and down to the canal area to get some lunch. We ate at a restaurant that had something to do with Slugs. I had a massive burger while Robby had a wrap of sorts (I think, my memory is terrible). He didn't sit in front of me, he sat next to me which was unconventional. It made me want to put my leg over his. We talked easily I gave him a drawing I had made especially for him. I had drawn it when he told me he wasn't coming.

It represents pretty well how I was feeling

Although my feelings changed about his meeting me, the picture still represents my feelings about him.

He thanked me and said he'd put it up at work. He asked me to draw something for him right there in the restaurant. So I drew him a tiny picture on a piece of paper like a bookmark.

We left the restaurant to take a walk along the canals. It's a beautiful area, we chatted about the long boats as wandered under bridges. There was a bridge which had a staircase that went up to the level above. There was a couple making out heavily on the steps. We both saw them, and looked away quickly, a reminder of what we felt like doing. My mind went through different options. I could pull him behind the arch of the bridge and kiss him. Maybe I should wait to see if he makes the first move. Will he regret it? Is he attracted to me?


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The suspense is killing me ...

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