Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've been online since he left. My boyfriend went on holiday yesterday with a friend of his.

I've stripped and pushed my fingers into my wet pussy more than three times today. I woke up dripping this morning. My panties were rubbing against my clit all night. I decided to sexually starve myself all morning. I didn't let myself cum. It heightens all my senses, I feel my tight jeans rub against me with every step. Riding my bike makes the seat push lightly into me. I could get down on my knees and beg to be fucked in that state.

I could have easily jumped onto my co-worker this morning. He's hot. He turns me on. Just about anything turns me on when I'm like this though.

I saw Sgar on msn last night and this eve. I got off both times. He has an amazing cock. I much prefer Robby's, but it's hot none the less.
I talk to Sgar in Italian and it's a challenge to describe what I'd do to him in Italian. He suggested tying me up. I would love to be tied up. Having him force his cock into my mouth. Not being in control. Being fucked from behind with my hands tied behind my back. There are so many possibilities. I want to try them all.

I like the idea of being tied to a chair. My legs spread, tied to each leg of the chair, and my hands tied behind the back. A cock being forced into my mouth while I drip all my juices onto the chair and my saliva runs down my chin and onto my tits. Another guy licking my pussy, not being able to move or thrust, totally helpless.

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Gray said...

First off, thank you for the comment! *dance a happy dance*

Woah, how hot! I have tried to starve myself but I have no will power once I start.;) Unless someone else is there. Then I have no choice. hehehe