Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I told him. He kinda pried it out of me.
It was supposed to be a trade off.

My bf quit smoking about 5 years ago. On occasion I have found cigarettes hidden around the house or the car. And the other day I smelled it on his hands. I let it sit for a few days and today I asked him about it. It was a quick "funny" conversation. I kept laughing, trying to keep things light. and he kept swearing that he hadn't smoked. He got into being honest and he said that I was hiding things from him on the computer. So I said, "I'll tell you what I'm hiding on the computer if you tell me where you hid the cigarettes and if you smoked one".
At that point I couldn't pull out. He knew there was something in the computer that I was hiding. So when he swore that he had neither smoked or had cigarettes around I was forced to tell him what I was doing on the computer.
Sooooo I told him I had a diary.
Which is true.... kinda...
I didn't tell him it was a blog. But that might eventually come out of the woodwork. And he'll never find it on internet anyhow. He doesn't speak English.
Problem is if he wants to see it. If he wants me to prove that I write a diary.
I may have to change my profile pic to something less conspicuous.
Hmmm or just refuse to show him.


Anonymous said...

Or you could actually start an online diary that nobody reads but you. I have one; I just record the events that make up my days, from the mundane to the embarrassing... I love reading back through it. :)

Leonhart said...

Charlie's is the most sensible option (it also occurred to me).

It would also take absolutely bloody ages!

But how you could show him this site, even changing your profile pic, and hope to get away with anything. . . Risky doesn't even cover it.

Max said...

Yeah, I would probably create a separate site as well.

But wait ... how do you feel about him lying to you?

Cande said...

Haha. Alright

Leonhart, Charlie, Do I just start another blog? Or is there another site that I can use that no-one reads? How does all that private diary thing work?

Max: How do I feel about him lying to me? Well I'm not sure he did. So I can't judge it. If I found out he was lying to me I'd probably be somewhat upset. But my relationship with him is changing so who knows.

Leonhart said...

Many years back I used to have a diary on a site called

Dunno if it still operates, but that's the first best place to start.

Cande said...

Leonhart: I'll look into that! THANKS!

RIV said...

Aside from your hobby, I am assuming that you haven't done anything to make him suspicious of anything else.

Now, if you get the online diary, I'd go ahead and start one, do a bunch of cut and paste from other people (since he can't read english) and then polish it and make it real later. But make it so he can't read the URL easy to read.

Anonymous said...

just found your blog ... I like :)

Distracted said...

Livejournal is another place you could create a diary of sorts. I have one and it's my excuse when she asks "what are you always typing so late?"

Amorous Rocker said..., or are some places you might want to try to make an online diary just to type stuff in from time to time. Then you'll have something to show him without compromising this one. ;)