Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another week goes by

I knew that I'd have difficulty keeping up once work got more intense, but I'm also going through a bit of a writing low recently. I've got a post on dildos lined up, but other than that I just wish I had more time to write.

Today something of some note happened with co-worker which got me thinking. He walked up behind me and was talking to people over my shoulder and he directed some of what he was saying towards me, I turned to look at him and saw him so close and I instinctively leaned back (my shoulders to his chest) onto him. Later in the morning I was leaning over to clean up an area on a desk and he backhanded my ass. And to be honest I wasn't wearing anything provocative, Jeans, black coop neck shirt and a tweed jacket, very low kitty heel square toed shoes. My hair was pulled up tight in a messy bun and a shiny black headband. (I wonder if it's the hair pulled up like that. It's weird, guys tend to flirt more when my hair is pulled up like that.)

It is not the first time he has done that. It's the second. The first was last year, it was a flick. This time was a full on backhanded bump, not quite a slap, he had something in his hand. It was fully intentional though. It made me smile. I'm not sure anyone noticed... Although I wouldn't be surprised if my grin was noticed.


At the lunch cafeteria today we got back onto the topic of hair grooming below the waist, luckily I was not the only girl present this time, but we somehow came right back to my own hair maintenance habits. What ultimately came out of the conversation was that in summer it's basically easy to tell what a woman does with her hair (I've been on a boat in bikini with these men).
I had no idea. I didn't think men even looked at that kind of thing. I hadn't realised that they paid attention to it. 
It will make me self conscious from now on. 


I screwed up kinda bad the other day while texting Rob. It was even funny... I'd say it was a totally random set of events. 

Here's the deal, to hide Rob in my phone I've memorised his number under a London girl's name. So let's say my friend's name was Ronda, I memorised her name as Ronda and Rob's name as RONDA. She lived in Italy but they both live in GB now so if he texts me it'll be in English and bf won't suspect who it is. He'll think it's her. It's perfect. Except for the fact that I could get confused. 

Well I was texting Rob yesterday, I told him I was on line, he said he was at work, and then I actually tried (for the first time ever ) to call him. There was no answer. I sent him a message saying "I tried calling you... bla bla bla"
I got a text saying "How're you doing? I've got a new job..."
And I answered "Woah, where'd that come from? are you still working shifts? I want to catch up!...blah blah blah"

I ran out of space and didn't put the usual x's I put on every text, and I didn't say miss you or anything naughty.

The text came back saying "I got the job while I was still in Italy". And I looked at the name better and freaked. It was my girl friend! phew..... man, I'm glad I didn't say something like, I really want to suck your cock or something worse!

Hah... I did however apologise to her saying that I thought someone else had written me. I doubt she even blinked.

I'll just have to pay better attention. But it was random that she happened to text me in the midst of texting Rob. 


Advizor54 said...

The co-worker is totally digging you, it's obvious. You DON"T touch a woman's ass, especially a co-worker, if you don't think it's a welcome move. Backhanded or not, it's a total invasion of personal space move and he's seeing how you react. Be careful now..... He's testing you.

And yes, we notice, and guess, how much a woman shaves/waxes/leaves behind. It's kind of like when women try and guess how much money guys make by what car they drive. ;-)

And be careful with the texting, though maybe London Girl wouldn't mind a naughty text or two?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the work guy is sending you signals!

Yes we notice, of course we do.

I never get "I want to suck your cock" texts mails etc etc!