Thursday, September 16, 2010

Funky funk.

Yes... the HNT this week is missing. I'm in a bit of a funk. Sorry.

I talked to Rob yesterday. I've spoken to him three times this week. The first was mentioned in my last post about him. The second was brief and rather sad because he was in a mood and was very untalkative. But he did promise to get me off that same evening. I tried staying up late that night to wait for him, but I got tired and went to bed. He apologised the next morning because he had also fallen asleep. We caught up that same morning on Skype bf happened to go out for 30 minutes so Rob had a quick opportunity to try to get me off.

It was a list of one words again, and it's insane how fast it gets me wet. Orders and commands and descriptions and sensations. It's an overload of mind fucking. I came twice... that is rare.

He was hard and wanted to get himself off, he said he was feeling naughty so I told him to cum for me.
Then bf came home... I told him to continue. I've never done that before... I mean watching Rob cum with bf coming through the front door. It was hot as hell. I want more, I want him.

I'm so horny that I fantasise about bf fingering me, or fucking me and I get wet, but when bf comes close I move away. I don't want it. It's probably not healthy. I need to get a grip on my(sexual)self I think. Or I just need to fuck Rob and get it over with.

I'm working on that too. I checked flights over to London and they're dirt cheap these days. I just need to figure out if I can get away with it for work.


Advizor54 said...

Dirt cheap airfares and time off work could be a fun and dangerous combination.

And you are starting to live dangerously, keeping Rob on as the BF walks through the door? Naughty girl. How are you going to explain the wet spot on the sofa? LOL

and twice? Delicious.

Heather B said...

Sorry you're in a funk... I hope you get it all sorted out soon. :) Just want you to be happy. *hugs*

rachel-xx said...

Hey Girl, sorry to hear you're feeling low. I know that "funk" too well. For what it is worth, hearing from you has always helped. I appreciate you.

Cande said...

Adivzor, You have no idea how true that is... The wet spot dried between my getting off and rob getting off luckily.

Heather, Thanks for the hugs, I'm sure it'll work itself out, it always does.

Rachel, Aww hon, you're the sweetest. We're so often in similar spots, it still doesn't cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Imagine you guy is doing that with another girl. hmm,