Saturday, September 4, 2010

Minors, bras, and other random updates

There are a few little things I wanted to catch up on before next week, but they're all relatively short, so I'll group them all together here.

Bf's brother is much better, they're thinking of sending him home tomorrow (Sunday). He has to go back of course to check on his bone marrow to see if the stem cells are working. But the fact that they're sending him home is excellent news. Fact was he was in such bad shape earlier this week that they thought he was on his way... So that's all good now.

Related to that is that bf's niece is back home too, she's no longer staying with us so I have more freedom, I can actually watch tv late or stay up without keeping bf awake in the bedroom.


Almost completely unrelated is that I have written up Rob's story and will be posting it Monday. I did that last night and I now have a very good memory of it. While today I went to a nearby town to go shopping we passed through the countryside and it kept reminding me of his story. It was nice, but I had to concentrate so that I wouldn't get all weepy. I didn't have a nice wake-up call this morning and it put me in a bit of a mood, that's probably why I was easily brought to an "emotional state". heheh


On my shopping adventure I bought two new bras, they're practically identical, one purple one black, but they're awesome and I love them.


Today I got a new friend request on FB from an ex student of mine. He's a friend of the 18 yr old student that I mentioned in another post about a dream, they used to come to lesson together, so yeah, they're the same age. 
Anyhoo, he started chatting me up on fb today in English. He just got back from 3 weeks in Australia for an English course there. He also said that he'd be going back at the end of this school year to go to Uni there. Then the weird thing happened. He asked me if I was going to the beach today and he was really insistent... I'm not sure what he was up to. I told him that I wasn't going, but then when I said that I'd like to go back to Australia he said that we should go together next year!!!! 
He ended the conversation with "there's lots of time to organize for Australia!!" I mean woah buddy!!!

So then I went to take a shower and while in there, I think lots, and I got this pang of want to go to the beach with him, wondering how he'd behave and what he wanted.... strange...I'm baffled. I mean I haven't seen this kid in a year. And now he comes up with this? Hunh.


On a last note, I'm horny as fuck today. I've had a week of tummy pain and stress, probably due to the family stuff, but I wasn't quite over some weird flu too. Today is the first day that I'm feeling good enough to be horny. Yay for horniness. 


Anonymous said...


That is great!!! HAHA


James said...

what an interesting day.

Ya for Horniness!

Diner Nighthawk said...

So you have more freedom, you're in an emotional state, you bought two new bras, you want to see and ex-student at the beach, and you're horny.

I can not WAIT to read your next post, because that sounds like a hell of a recipe! hahaha