Saturday, September 25, 2010

memory lane.

Hello my bloggies!

It has been a while. Here's what I've been up to: working, working, working, flirting, working, sleeping, working, working, flirting, eating, sleeping, working.

That's about it.

One interesting thing I did do though was pick up some boxes that my dad sent me 9 years ago after he sold the house back home. I then left these boxes at a friend's house because I didn't have space for them and 9 years later I went to pick them up.

I've been going through them. It's kinda scary. It's all stuff that I had when I was 10. I've been reading my diaries from when I was in elementary school. They're hilarious. I was totally obsessed with boys. On every single entry, which was almost every day, I wrote I love David, a kid that was in my class. Yep, I was interested in sex at the age of 10. Ok, maybe not sex, but I did mention how good it felt when they touched me, in ANY way, even if they grabbed me or touched my hair.
I would go looking for guys on the street. I would chase them on my bike. I was a depraved little girl.

Aahh the memories.

I think the best part though is the notes I passed in Jr. High school with friends. I almost cried laughing reading some of them. Me and a friend of mine used to make fun of one teacher in specific. We thought he was a total loser. Actually I'm pretty sure he was a total loser. But we drew the funniest pictures of him. We were actually really morbid about it too, cutting him into pieces and hanging him out to dry. It was insane.

I'm going to have to sit and read all that stuff at some point.

Right, so that's how I'm spending my weekend. Sorting through all the boxes. There's so much stuff I have to get rid of, it's kind of sad. I just don't have space for it all.


On a different note. I spent yesterday cringing at the lunch table. I was the only woman again with three guys. Luckily my co-worker wasn't there, I'd have been even more embarrassed. My guy friends started talking about hair removal. One of my friends owns a beauty salon and he had the hair on his arm waxed and he started suggesting the other guys do the same. Then the topic moved to the lower parts of the body and I wasn't really involved in this conversation, I was obviously interested, but I wasn't participating. He kept suggesting one of our hairier friends to groom his pubic hair, not wax it... which would undoubtedly be painful (apparently some guys do it), but to groom it with a hair trimmer.

Somehow my friends managed to embarrass one of the waitresses that works there by asking her if she liked hairy men or not. And then the conversation turned to women and what women do. There are now shapes that can be obtained in the female aesthetics of hair grooming: stars, arrows, a strip et.
My friend turned to me and said, "you have a very short groomed strip or at most slight triangle". And I just wanted to slip under the table and hide. These are guys are always joking about sex and I'm right along with it. But how I groom my hair is just not something I really want these men to be thinking about when I see them. Two are married the other is heavily involved. Anyhow I didn't confirm nor deny what he had suggested, although he is very close. My other married friend said "that's what you want to think, not the reality" Heh.
Too funny.

So my realisation from this conversation is that given the opportunity, since one had a huge crush on me when I met him years ago, the other is flirting with me like crazy (the one that owns a beauty salon), and the other who would screw anything he could get his hands on, they'd all fuck me. It's kinda scary, they're all such good friends. I wouldn't give them up for anything. But the reality is they're men. They'd probably even gang-bang me if I suddenly came out with it. They might have some moral problems with the it at first, but they'd do it.

This is all pure fantasy people. There's no way in hell that this would ever come close to happening unless we all got incredibly drunk one evening in some abandoned place without my boyfriend around. And even then I doubt it would happen.

But the knowledge that they'd do it kinda weirds me out.


Salut friends, I'll hopefully get more writing in the next while. I probably won't be as busy with stuff as I was this week, and I'll try to take some HNT pictures this weekend.

One strange thing is that I haven't written in over a week and I've gained 4 followers. Strange eh...


Anonymous said...

It's funny what you can come up with when you go through an old box of stuff.

As for the guys, maybe they would and maybe they wouldn't, it would probably all depend on a number of things. But, I agree, they are certainly all capable of it especially with lowered inhibitions.

But, most of this stuff usually just stays as fantasy, even for us guys, which is usually just as well!

Advizor54 said...

when my mother in law decided that she was done having her garage as the family storage locker she made all the kids (4) come down for a night and clean everything out. we brought pizza into the garage and relieved grades 4-12 with all four kids at the same time. Since they all went to the same elementary school, they shared many teachers and saw the same assignments from each kid. We cruised through 8 years in 2 hour for 4 kids. That's a lot of history to review, but it was a blast.

And your lunch thoughts reminded me of the great debate in 'When Harry met Sally,' "Can men and women ever be friends?" In the hypothetical universe, yes, they all (we all) want to have sex with most of the cute women we know, and even some of the ugly ones, but reality get is the way, and, as Marcus rightly says, this is "usually just as well."

I hope you start posting more soon, I miss your writing.

Jack said...

Keep writing. I'll be reading.