Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Conversation with Rob

The conversation was good for a few reasons: one is that I never get tired of the conversations (unless he's in the non-talkative mood). Two, I got pictures of his cock. He trimmed his hair so I told him to take pictures for me... it was a turn on to say the least.... I love pics of his cock. I now have a collection.
Three because we played a word game we used to play often. It starts with one word, and you have to find all the possible combinations that have the same endings. This time it started with a typo "nop"and went through, bop, mop, top, cop, sop... you get the idea, until someone can't think of something or comes up with a word that doesn't exist. Lastly because of a portion of conversation that stuck in my mind.
It went like this:

rob: i should be doing stuff
me: me too. we're bad.
rob: we are. whens it going to end
me: which? being bad?
rob: yeah
me: never I hope....
rob: me too
me: are you getting tired?
rob: nope. just older
me: me too

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tired, then rest and the tired goes away. Today's older is tomorrow's younger.

Thanks for sharing :)