Monday, September 13, 2010

Candlelight hopes

I came home yesterday afternoon after a lunch with bf and friends to find myself strangely taken over by someone else's brain.

I actually started tidying and cleaning the whole house. Something inside me must have snapped. It has something to do with the fact that my londoner girlfriend gave me a bunch of towels, bedding and placemats since she decided to go back home. I wanted to make the house neat and find space for all these things.

I spent the whole evening, while bf was at work, cleaning and tidying instead of playing on skype or perving on internet. I'm proud of myself. Not only that but I decided to surprise him too.

I drew arrows on printer paper, they went to the washroom first, where I wrote he should brush his teeth and wash his hands. Then they went to the bedroom.

I set little tea candles along the arrow signs, and more candles in the bedroom. I have berry tea candles, so I used those for the bedroom.

I got myself dressed in my black corset, black lace panties and stay up nylons. I pulled back the covers on the bed and lay waiting till he got home. I read until he got back from work and as soon as I heard his key in the lock I turned off my light.

He laughed and called out to me, saying that he didn't think anyone was home. He kept laughing from the hallway saying how much of a dork I am. He said (from the hallway still) that he wasn't going to tie me up (I've been begging him forever) and he refused to wash his hands and brush his teeth. He came directly into the bedroom praying that I hadn't tied myself up. And when he saw me all dressed up he giggled and said, you didn't tie yourself up did you?

He then stood in the doorway and said he wasn't feeling well. When I didn't answer he went off to the washroom and washed his hands, cock and brushed his teeth.

Nothing really went as I had planned.

He came in, sat down on the bed and proceeded to say he had to call his mother. So then a 15 minute telephone call ensued where he just left me on the bed. I can't blame him for the telephone call, it was important. But he could have come into the bedroom to keep me company at least.

He finally came back in and got undressed on his own. That was something I wanted to do for him, and give him a little head before starting on the sexcapades. The rest went as it was supposed to. It was more normal than I had wanted, but it was nice none the less.

My climax was good, I was upright on top facing him ( as usual ) and he had pulled my corset down to expose my breasts. He unusually stuffed 2 fingers in my mouth deep. He normally just probes a little with one. But with two almost in my throat it was hot. I tilted my head back, and the saliva ran onto his fingers and he pulled them out to lubricate my nipple. As soon as he did that I came.

We laid there after his small climax... I'm guessing it had something to do with the fact that he wasn't feeling well... quietly on the bed, me laying on his thighs, we talked a little and then he asked me if I'd be offended if he got up.

He went and caught football/soccer on the tv and I stayed in the bedroom to read.

All in all, I had my hopes up too high probably. I was hoping it would be a little more romantic.

He did say that it was a relief that I was around because I could liven up the relationship a bit (it's a pretty bad translation, but it's the closest I can get).


ProfessorC said...

I'm sorry that it didn't go as planned. Sounds like it could have been fantastic.

Anonymous said...

You cumming as he probed two fingers deep in your throat... pretty damn romantic to me...


rachel-xx said...

Two things Sweetie. First, you most certainly did NOT have your expectations up too high. Second, you might just be the perfect girlfriend because you still turned it into an incredibly hot evening. Not hot enough for me to suddenly want to go clean the apartment, but hot. : ) Gnite Babe.