Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chatroulette and Mutual Electricity

I've been hiding at home taking time to paint. It's been super hot here and it's barely possible to get outside even to get to the beach I have nearby.

I have been so horny lately. I know it's the heat, but I've been getting myself off like crazy these days.

I have to sadly admit that I've been bad. I went onto chatroulette the other day. They've really improved it. You can now choose whether you want to receive "adult content" or not. You can also choose whether you want people without cams on your stream.

Apart from that it's still got the same amount of cock vs face shots although admittedly there is less spam. Fact is there are good moments and bad moments. I had a few good encounters in a short time and a series of terrible encounters in a 3 hour span.

It can also be a little scary. I met a couple who wanted to play. They were cute and we used the IM to chat a little first, I asked them to wave and they held up 2 fingers and asked me to do the same... But after a while I freaked out and nexted them. I couldn't help but think that there might be technology that allows you to run a seamless video where you can type in a command and have segments insert into the stream.
I've seen it before, I doubt though that this couple was a video now that I think back on it, but their video was so choppy and snippets seemed identical so I freaked and nexted.

I think I'm done with it. It was interesting to try again... but it is, in the end, a huge waste of time.


Have you ever noticed that "electricity" in the air when something is "up" between you and another person?

It can be with your partner or on occasion with a friend or even a co-worker. For me it's almost a burning sensation, often if we're touching it starts from where our skin meets and it runs up my body as if I were blushing. It could be about anything. It's this silent, invisible electricity surrounding something unsaid. It's like all the hairs on your body stand on end. I get it on occasion with the bf. It's generally around something we see on television or something someone says. 

The other evening it happened twice while the bf and I were watching tv. Once during a commercial about having kids. The other was a scene with two guys kissing.

Now I totally understand where the electricity came from with the "kid/family" scene, we've had this issue around that subject for a while. But I don't understand where the tension came from around the gay kiss. I wonder if it was coming from me or from him. I have often wondered whether the bf was at least bi curious. 


Anonymous said...

I think far less guys are bi curious than women. Just my take.


Advizor54 said...

I love that feeling of electricity. I had it, just for a moment, with my waitress at lunch. Just a hint, but it made me smile all day....