Saturday, June 30, 2012


I had crazy amazing sex with the bf today.... It went on for ages. It was the type of sex that makes you think HHHhhhoooOOOoolyyyyy FFfffuuuuucccckkkk.

We've been on edge and sort of bikering lately. I've been horny as hell with the heat here as well but wasn't getting any from him. Not the slightest interest in me.

He came home from the beach this eve and we were still in a bickering mood, but he came over and hugged me at one point. Then the phone rang, and as he talked his hand slid under my skirt to find I had no panties on. He pulled me closer to grind his cock into my pelvic bone, his hand slipping between my wet lips.

He spoke on the phone while I grabbed at his hard cock... he tried to cut the conversation short and when he finally did he took a chair from the dining table in one hand, my hand in the other and pulled us both towards the full length mirror we have in the hall.... (the one I took the last pics in).

He sat down, and he pulled me onto him, both of us facing the mirror. He pulled my dress up spread my legs, my lips and fingered me, watching every move in the mirror. His hand slid up pulling my dress up, exposing me my breasts. It was too hot to fight with it, I threw the dress off to be completely naked, he dropped his shorts and plunged his cock deep into me fast.

The fucking went on for ages, there was a lot of me stimulating my clit because being fucked from behind there generally is no natural clitoral stimulation. We must have changed positions 20 times, it was mostly him fucking me from behind. But then he got the idea that he wanted to slip into my ass.... so I grabbed the lube and slowly accommodated him.... it was amazing how good it felt. I forget how good it can be. Luckily he's not huge, otherwise.... um.... I'm sure it would hurt.

He pounded me standing, legs spread in front of the mirror, hands on either side on the wall. When my legs started to give he sat with me on top of him, I worked my clit, dipping an occasional finger in. And then I turned to face him, slipped him back into my ass and ground down hard.

When I came, I came harder than I remember coming in ages. He was still fucking my ass, me facing him, I would turn and watch his cock slide into my ass, as he spread my cheeks.... Now I've never seen myself being fucked in the ass before but I have to admit that it was HOT.... I mean damn.... if I may say so myself. I leaned back at one point, I couldn't reach my clit well enough I guess, but I leaned, he pushed a finger into my pussy and I went furiously to work on my clit and I came. Hard and long.

He took a break in the washroom to rinse off and I ran in to douse myself in cold water. We were sweating like crazy, consider it's 35 degrees here. I asked him what he wanted to do, he never knows what to answer when I ask him that. He just answered with an "I don't know" and proceeded to help himself so I dropped to my knees took him in my mouth, looked up at him as he came all over my tits.

Ahhh then a cold shower. Soooo nice. We both jumped in, he rinsed quickly then left me to wash properly. My legs are sore.... no doubt my legs will hurt tomorrow.... but it was definitely worth it.


ebony panther said...

Holy fuck is right. Damn!! Now I'm primed for my own session tonight :)I just hope my mind doesn't drift off & think of you. That would just be wrong.

Advizor54 said...

You should be treated this well more often....

You deserve it. :-)