Monday, January 7, 2013

An Apartment!

I just saw an apartment I liked. The first and only one I've liked out of many. It would be perfect. The price is good and I might be able to make an offer. The only downside is that it's slightly further away from the town centre than I'd like.... but not so far that I'm not considering it. I'd say it's about a 15 minute bike ride into town compared to my current 3 minute walk. On the upside it's almost next door to my good friends who used to live next door to us here, so I'd have company really close by.

The place is semi furnished. It has a small but workable kitchen with a table and tiny balcony. The kitchen unit is new as are the appliances plus there's a dishwasher (yay).
There's a large living room and a joining room that can be used as an extra bedroom, a workroom or an office. The apartment has airconditioning and central heating as well as heating from the airconditioning unit.

The bathroom is small, and only has a shower, but I'm going to have to make a compromise somewhere. I'd love to have a place with a bathtub. The bathroom was recently redone and has a window which is a huge plus in this country.

The bedroom is relatively small, but it's ok. I mean it fits a double bed and a wardrobe unit which takes up the wall behind the bed. The wall in front of the bed is covered in a giant mirror which I hope they'll leave, it makes me wet just looking at it, and there's a matching mirror in the nook behind the bed under the wall unit.

The best part of this whole thing is that the apartment sits above a ground level garage and laundry room. The garage is small and would fit one small car, I'd use it as storage space. The laundry room is about the same size but has a fireplace (!) a large sink and a washing machine. It would be the perfect place to set up workroom. The ceiling is low, but it could definitely work. Plus the water boiler is down there so it seems to heat the little space a bit.

The condo has a huge garden out back, which is accessible by the main entrance hallway and by the garage door.

Now the question is what's the next step. It won't free up until April or May... but I do think I'll make an offer on it. The price is €550 a month plus €200 a year in condo fees... it's a tiny condo with four units, one of which is empty. I may ask if they can give it to me for €500. There's no harm trying.

I think I'll talk to my upstairs neighbour to see what he thinks... Maybe I'll even make an appointment with my counsellor see what she thinks I should do first.

The whole thing kinda scares me. I had a couple of minor panic attacks this morning just after I saw the place. The thought that this is becoming realer scares the living daylights out of me but in a good way. It's the prospects of new beginnings.


Michael said...

It sounds like a no brainer, Babe. You've been building to this for a very long time and you have every right to be nervous. But don't let this opportunity slip because you are too timid.


Johanna said...

That is great news! I envy you ... hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2013 Cande!
Seems the sun and ur star is rising ;)

Take the chance and make an offer for the condo.
Just count your posting of good and lesser good things at your current home.
I guess having your good friends around the corner isn't the worst thing which could happen.

And in every new beginning lies something magical ..


Cande said...

Michael: I won't let it slip, no. I'll act quickly.

Johanna: thanks... funny how I'm envious of you. ;)

le (anon): thank you and thanks for commenting! Thanks for the blessings and I'm sure there are much worse things than having friends nearby. You are right, there is something magical in every new beginning.

Advizor54 said...

Take it, Take it, Take it!!!!

I'll fund the first month in exchange for translations, art, stories, blog posts, and your happiness.

I think it's a wonderful opportunity, and really, any apartment that makes you wet "just thinking about it" is an apartment we want you to live in.