Saturday, January 5, 2013

tempting.... so tempting.....

Office Guy
I've been thinking about contacting Office Guy. That doesn't mean I will. I've just been fantasizing about it.... there would be a stupid but fun way to leave him a small note.

In front of his window there's a metal guardrail of sorts. It would be fairly easy to tape something there. He'd probably notice it right away and it would be hidden from public view.

Sometimes I think of leaving him my email, but I don't want to start things off with him in the local language, and him contacting me would automatically set the tone. I'd rather start off in English. It's a bit of a power trip on my part I guess. I could leave him the name of a song or something though instead, then maybe he'd get the idea and leave me his email address.

Like I said, it's all conjecture. It's just random stuff I make up in my brain when it goes into overdrive. It's highly unlikely I'll do anything of the sort. On the other hand I realize that if I do leave him an email it would probably be safer in the long run. I won't have to worry about him coming running out of his office to talk to me, and I can warn him right away that I have a bf.

I walked past Friday early afternoon and he kinda caught me off guard. I wasn't really expecting to see him, I see him in the mornings, rarely in the afternoons, but he caught me right away. He had a silly smile on his face. It had me laughing and grinning for the rest of the day.


BF - Apartment hunt
Bf and I had a stupid problem turn into a fiasco this weekend. We think we may have a leak behind our bathroom wall. Our bedroom wall shares the bathroom wall, and to boot it's the wall that our wardrobe unit is on. It's an wardrobe that we bought relatively cheap when we moved into this place. But all our stuff towards bf's end of the thing has all gone mildewy.

All of this means that we've had to move ALL of our stuff out of the wardrobe. I've been going through it all, throwing stuff away... I feel like I'm moving, and I'm using that perspective as I go through stuff. I've even thrown out my old black leather jacket... yeah I used to wear one.... the kind with all the zippers and pins and stuff. Very 90's. Throwing stuff away is a bit traumatic. I hate doing it. I feel like I need company. I need a good friend to come keep me company as I do it, I need her to remind me that I don't need that stuff and that it's ok to throw it out. My best friend and I used to do that together all the time. Go through each other's wardrobes and just do a good cleaning out. It's so much easier with company. I miss it.

Monday I have an appointment to see another apartment. Here's to hoping it's nice and not too far from where I work. I'm really getting antsy to move. I get close to telling bf about my plans. I mistakingly let out a phrase that possibly went unnoticed the other day, but it was something like "when I get my own place I'll have the heating on all the time and I won't invite any of you". It was referring to the fact that bf tends to want to keep the heating on low and I'm always cold, a friend of ours was here that day and they were joking about it. My comment didn't get any response at all. But I do think that bf has started to wonder if I'm up to something.

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~neighborhood milf said...

Bummer about the leak. As for throwing things out, it's one of the most energizing things you can ever do!

As for Office Guy, that might be energizing too, but none of us can tell you what to do there. You must follow your heart and use your head (look who's talking! lol)

Good luck,